Order of May 25, 2016

The SIE Doctoral School is governed by the decree of May 25, 2016, which sets the national framework for academics and the procedures leading to the award of the national doctoral diploma.


Definition of a doctorate

The Order of May 25, 2016 defines the doctorate according to the following main principles:

The doctorate is based on an original, formative research project, with the aim of enabling the candidate to become an expert in his or her scientific field.

The research work must be innovative, i.e. new and entail a revision or transformation of what already exists. It is structured by the invention or construction of innovative know-how, technologies or, in the broadest sense, tools - whether conceptual or methodological - the design of which has enabled the development of new knowledge or the extension of capabilities for action.

This research project is complemented by ongoing and cross-disciplinary training organized within the doctoral schools.

The doctorate traditionally lasts 3 years, and up to a maximum of 6 years (part-time), during which the doctoral student carries out his or her research work.

Doctoral students carry out their research under the supervision of a Thesis Director (HDR), within a research organization. Research unit.

The curriculum culminates in the writing of a thesis and its defense, i.e. a summary of the scientific work carried out, validated by the scientific community, and the award of a doctorate. This is the highest degree awarded by the French higher education system.

Doctors are experts in the field in which they have conducted their doctoral project, enabling them to pursue a career in public or private research. Similarly, the generalist skills acquired during the course of their project enable them to work in a wide range of sectors in a variety of positions.


Doctoral Charter

All USMB doctoral students sign a charter when they first register.

This doctoral charter governs the rights and duties of the main players in the doctoral program.

This document is approved by :

  • The thesis supervisor
  • The director of theResearch unit
  • The director of the doctoral school