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DOCTOR'S individual monitoring committee (CSI)

You will find all the documents relating to the CSI on the right of this page in "Useful documents".

CSI's role

The Sciences Ingénierie Environnement (SIE) Doctoral School has set up a personalized follow-up program for each doctoral student.

The ISC's role is to monitor and recommend the progress of the thesis, and to mediate where necessary.

The ISC can also be an important opportunity to share any difficulties encountered in connection with the thesis.

Art. 13 of the Order of May 25, 2016.

The doctoral student's individual monitoring committee, based on the doctoral program charter and the academics agreement, ensures that the program is progressing smoothly. In an interview with the doctoral student, it assesses the conditions of his/her academics and the progress of his/her research.

Composition of the ISC

The ISC must comprise at least two members. Those supervising the thesis may not sit on the ISC. The aim is to enable doctoral students to express themselves freely.

The procedures for setting up the ISC are specified on the specific form and are included in the SIE Doctoral School's charter and internal regulations.


In case of difficulties

Possible contacts 

Depending on the type of problem you're experiencing (health, personal problem, relationship problem...), there are several possible courses of action. You can discuss them at any time with the people listed below (non-exhaustive list):

  • Your thesis supervisor (or co-supervisors)
  • Your laboratory director
  • The Director of the SIE Doctoral School
  • ISC members
  • Your doctoral student representatives (elected)
  • Your referent (HDR) fromResearch unit
  • The health center
  • The https://univ-smb.signalement.net/entreprises reporting platform

If you have any doubts about who to contact, you can contact your doctoral school's administrative manager or doctoral student representatives.


Any major unresolved conflict between a doctoral student and his or her thesis director (or the director of the doctoral student's host team, the director of the hostResearch unit , or other) must be brought to the attention of the SIE Doctoral School Management(dir.edsie@univ-smb.fr) as soon as possible.

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In accordance with the Doctoral Charter, the SIE Doctoral School is committed to preventing and resolving conflicts during doctoral studies, within the limits of its responsibilities.

In view of the problems or difficulties encountered, the Management of the SIE Doctoral School may then set up a mediation process, to hear the parties and propose a solution.

The composition of a mediation committee is defined in the internal regulations of the SIE Doctoral School.



In accordance with Article 14 of the Order of May 25, 2016 relating to the academics doctoral school, the École doctorale offers doctoral students the opportunity to benefit from a gap year. Chis gap year does not count towards the duration of the thesis, but the doctoral student may ask to remain registered with the establishment.

Art. 14 Order of May 25, 2016.

Exceptionally, at the doctoral student's motivated request, an uninterrupted gap period of up to one year may be granted once only, by decision of the head of the doctoral student's institution, with the agreement of the employer, where applicable, and the opinion of the thesis director and the doctoral school director. During this period, the doctoral student temporarily suspends his or her academics and research work, but may remain registered with his or her institution if he or she so wishes. This period does not count towards the duration of the thesis. The institution guarantees that doctoral students who suspend their studies will remain registered at academics at the end of the gap period.

The caesura in detail

The césure consists of suspending one's initial academics for one semester or one academic year in order to gain personal or professional experience in France or abroad, either on one's own or under the supervision of a host organization.
This request can only be made once during the doctorate, and the period of interruption does not count towards the duration of the thesis.

As a doctoral student, the Césure allows you to do the following:

  • A academics not linked to the doctoral project
  • Another professional experience
  • A civic service or European voluntary service commitment
  • A business creation project
  • Volunteering
  • Volunteering
  • A personal project

The gap period necessarily begins with an academic semester. The last academic semester of the doctorate cannot be involved. The duration of this period can be between one and two academic semesters.

The request is made to the head of the school "with the aim of acquiring personal or professional experience, either independently or supervised in a host organization in France or abroad".

Please refer to the USMB Césure terms and conditions and form.

During your gap year, you can remain enrolled at USMB if you wish.

You must contact your doctoral school at the beginning of the academic year to re-register.