Training courses



Your academics contract requires a minimum of 120 hours of academics during the preparation of your full-time thesis(50 hours for a part-time thesis).

Depending on your professional situation (USMB fixed-term contract,part-time, full-time, CIFRE thesis, ADEM thesis, INRAE thesis, co-supervision), you can choose from a number of different career paths.

Each pathway has a different breakdown of academics hours into 3 main types: scientific training, cross-disciplinary training and professional training.


USMB doctoral programs

They can be divided into 3 main types:


Proposed by your doctoral school

Scientific training courses enable doctoral students to explore new scientific fields useful to their research work, and to acquire a broader scientific culture in the areas covered by the École SIE.

Cross-disciplinary training

Proposed by your doctoral school or college

A set of modules providing more general insights into research and major societal issues.


Proposed by the doctoral college

All the academics modules to prepare doctoral students for their professional careers.

The breakdown between scientific training, cross-disciplinary training and vocational training is not given to allow any freedom or flexibility, even if a certain balance of 40HF for each type is obviously desirable.

Illustration academics doctoral student

USMB doctoral training catalog

Details of these courses, classified by type of academics, can be found in the ADUM catalog:


Other training courses

université Savoie Mont Blanc You can also take courses that are not listed in the academics catalog, but which can be validated as part of the mandatory 120 hours:

  • Courses available via ADUM at other universities.
  • External training courses (excluding ADUM) must be validated by the SIE Doctoral School.

These courses are managed according to the procedures detailed on the Register for courses page.