Defending your thesis

Authorization to defend a thesis is granted by the President ofuniversité Savoie Mont Blanc, after consulting the Director of the Sciences Ingénierie Environnement (SIE) Doctoral School, on the recommendation of the thesis director.

For theDoctoral School SIE, authorization to defend a thesis requires scientific production (article, paper, patent, etc.), preferably in the doctoral student's 1st name, and submitted in accordance with the requirements of the doctoral student's discipline.

Planning stages

The timetable below summarizes the various stages to be respected. It is essential to anticipate these stages in order to be able to respect this timetable.

Jury composition

The composition of your defense jury is examined by the director of the Doctoral School, who will validate it according to the rules set out in article 18 of the decree of May 25, 2016.

  • At least 4 members (between 4 and 8 members)
  • At least half of the jury must be from outside the SIE doctoral school. Please note: a member belonging to a cotutelle institution is considered an internal member.
  • At least half of the jury is made up of PR or equivalent (PR, PUPH, DR EPST, foreign PR) (not IR, see 1992 decree)
  • The jury president is a PR or equivalent and is not a supervisor (emeritus professors cannot be jury presidents).
  • At least 2 external referees with an HDR
  • Male/female parity on the jury
  • No guests, thesis directors and co-directors may sit on the jury (HDR/ext./gender count) but do not take part in the deliberations and do not sign the defense report and minutes.
  • All juries must include at least 1 USMB HDR member (MC/PR/CR/DR).                                 

It is also advisable to form a JURY of at least 4 members to avoid any adjournment in the event of the absence of a jury member during the defense.

Waiver request

It concerns the following cases and must be justified:

  • Defense sessions taking place outside the USMB
  • Jury members present by videoconference. To authorize full videoconferencing, a derogation request must be generated from ADUM, and will be granted by the doctoral college management. A complementary procedure is sent to the thesis director before the defense. For partial videoconferencing, a procedure is also sent to the thesis director (Please note: the jury president and the doctoral student must be physically present in the same place, that of the defense, during partial videoconference defenses).
  • Confidentiality of the thesis and/or defence in camera
  • Theses written in a language other than French: a long summary in French (15p) attached to the manuscript and a request for exemption on ADUM are required (In the case of a cotutelle: the language in which the thesis is written must be specified in the cotutelle agreement and a long summary (15 pages minimum) in French must be attached to the thesis manuscript if the language in which the thesis is written is not French).

First (provisional) electronic filing in ADUM:

The deposit is made in two instalments:

-a 1st deposit before the defense: 3-4 weeks before

-a 2nd at the latest 3 months after the defense, to make any necessary corrections. 

=> It is a prerequisite for issuing the diploma

Transmitting the manuscript to the referees

Transmission of the presentation cover and the completed 'devenir des docteurs' questionnaire.

Submission of a summary of your thesis in French and English

Transmission of the defense report and the declaration of correction of the manuscript to the Doctoral School (if necessary).

Second (final) e-filing: archiving declaration

The final electronic submission must be made no later than 3 months after the defense, so that corrections can be made if necessary. 

This second, definitive deposit will be the archival version of your thesis.

This is the full version in which the manuscript will be stored in the company's database.

Dissemination of the thesis is compulsory, the procedures for which are set out in articles 24 and 25 of the Order of May 25, 2016.

'Unless the thesis has a proven confidentiality character, its distribution is ensured in the institution of defense and within the entire university community. Online dissemination of the thesis beyond this perimeter is subject to the author's authorization, subject to the absence of a confidentiality clause' - Article 25 of the Order of May 25, 2016.
The advantages of thesis distribution
In the absence of a confidentiality clause, doctors are advised to authorize the distribution of their thesis for the following reasons: 
  • Make the results of their research known to the scientific community and thus contribute to open access to science 
  • Combat plagiarism by making it easier to trace the authorship of their own work.
  • If the thesis is confidential, the manuscript may be classified as confidential for a maximum period of 18 months.

The release version

This is the version that the doctoral student decides to distribute, and may therefore differ from the archival version, notably for reasons of confidentiality.

It is the doctoral student's responsibility to remove from the public version of the manuscript any confidential information or elements for which he or she does not hold the rights (photos, illustrations, texts, etc.).

The doctoral student may also decide on an embargo period before publication, for example for publishing projects (the embargo period defined by the doctoral student is completely free). In this case, the thesis is distributed with restricted "intranet" access until theembargo expires.

Please note: Even if an embargo period has been requested, the final manuscript must be submitted via the ADUM interface within 3 months of the defense (a mandatory condition for the awarding of the diploma).
Please refer to the document " Signaler et diffuser sa thèse à l'USMB " for useful information from the university libraries' research support service (contact:"

Distribution platforms

In addition to being available from, the Abes hosting and storage platform offers access to the full text of theses without a specific consultation interface.


Procedure for the defense

The defense is a public event, except in certain special cases (provided for in article 19 of the Order of May 25, 2016).

The defense is divided into two parts:

  • A 45-minute oral presentation of the doctoral student's research.
  • An exchange between the doctoral student and each member of the jury, facilitated by the jury president.

The jury then meets to deliberate.

At the end of the deliberations, the jury president announces the jury's decision to the doctoral student in the presence of the audience.

In the event of admission to the doctoral degree, the jury president invites the doctoral student to take the doctoral oath.                                                                    

   "In the presence of my peers. Having completed my doctorate in [specialty], and having thus practiced, in my quest for knowledge, the exercise of demanding scientific research, cultivating intellectual rigor, ethical reflexivity and respect for the principles of scientific integrity, I undertake, for what will depend on me, in the continuation of my professional career whatever the sector or field of activity, to maintain a conduct of integrity in my relationship to knowledge, my methods and my results."              

The oath may be taken in English for non-French-speaking doctoral students, or in the case of an international co-supervision of a thesis, before a non-French-speaking audience.

In the presence of my peers. With the completion of my doctorate in [research field], in my quest for knowledge, I have carried out demanding research, demonstrated intellectual rigour, ethical reflection, and respect for the principles of research integrity. As I pursue my professional career, whatever my chosen field, I pledge, to the greatest of my ability, to continue to maintain integrity in my relationship to knowledge, in my methods and in my results."

The jury draws up a defense report, which is sent to academics .

En the event of admission, the doctoral student has three months in which to submit the final version of the thesis in electronic form. This submission is a prerequisite for the issuing of the
doctoral diploma by the establishment.


Don't forget to organize your presentation well in advance:

  • Room reservation
  • Sending invitations
  • Event announcement
  • Invitations (supervisors, colleagues, collaborators, people involved in the doctoral project, people involved in non-research and associative activities, relatives, etc.)

Upcoming defense sessions

On this page, you can consult the list of forthcoming doctoral defenses of the Collège Doctoral de l'université Savoie Mont Blanc, as well as the details of each defense.