Women in Science" exhibition

April 8, 2023 15:00 - June 10, 2023 18:00

From April 8 to September 2, 2023, the Galerie Eurêka, Center de Culture Scientifique Technique et Industrielle (CCSTI), a partner of the USMBis organizing an exhibition entitled "Super Equals, the power of gender equality".

The exhibition "Women of Science" created by the USMB is part of the program, and will be visible until June 10, 2023.

About the exhibition

Who are these women who work in the most varied scientific fields? Through numerous portraits, this exhibition aims to highlight the women researchers atuniversité Savoie Mont Blanc (USMB) by presenting their work and the wealth of research topics explored at the USMB. It also shows the place of women in the research field at the university. Entirely in black and white, the first part of this exhibition was produced in 2018, before being completed by a second part in 2019.

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