Amphis pour Tous - The Dream: What Neuroscience Tells Us

16 March 2021 18:00 - 16 March 2021 19:00

The conference "The Dream: What Neuroscience Tells Us", presented by Jean-Baptiste Eichenlaub, Senior Lecturer at the Psychology and NeuroCognition Laboratory (LPNC), UFR Literature, Languages and Humanitieswill take place on Tuesday 16 March 2021 at 6 pm at the presidency of the University Savoie Mont Blanc, in Chambéry.

The conferences will be held subject to the health conditions linked to the Coronovirus (COVID-19) epidemic and in compliance with the safety regulations in force at the event venue.

About the conference

Dreams and how the brain produces them during sleep are still poorly understood. However, recent discoveries in neuroscience have led to a better understanding of how and why we dream. For example, behavioural and brain imaging studies that have looked at the content of dreams and their neural correlates have shed light on: the typical characteristics of dream narratives, their frequency and variability within the population and over time, and the brain structures and activities associated with their content.

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