Philosophical conference : Morality and politics an antinomy ?

November 16, 2022 18:00 - November 16, 2022 20:00

Organized by the USMB's Langages, Littératures, Sociétés Etudes Transfrontalières et Internationales (LLSETI) laboratory and the Association des professeurs de philosophie de l'enseignement public, the 2022-2023 cycle of philosophical conferences begins this Wednesday, November 16, at 6:00 pm with a debate on the theme "Morality and Politics. It will take place at the USMB presidency, in Chambéry.

The political world often shows us only corruption, disloyalty, lies, betrayed ideals or small arrangements to the detriment of a people who, as far as we can assign it, do not embody virtue either. It may be that power is corrupting, it may also be that, as Machiavelli had shown us, politics is inevitably the place of cunning and the closed field of power relations in which morality does not intervene. But we know that Machiavelli was less skeptical of morality than radically critical of its alleged supporters, in particular the Church, corrupt and partisan of domination. But in any case, we invest the political field with ethical demands and we know that our ethical demands are powerless without the support of politics. We propose to discuss these issues during a deliberately limited round table discussion among a few people, after which we will open the floor widely to see if, in a matter which, being not a matter of science but of opinions, confronts us with dissensus, any issues emerge.

The speakers participating in the debate are :

  • Pascal Bouvier, professor of philosophy at the USMB;
  • Jean Pierre Ruffier, inspecteur honoraire de l'Education Nationale
  • Édouard Schoene, engineer ;
  • Martine Verlhac, honorary professor of philosophy.

The conference is open to all and without registration, and will be held in room 3 (27 rue Marcoz in Chambéry).