LLSETI Study Day: The migration "crisis" in question

November 17, 2022 09:30 - November 17, 2022 15:00

Organized by the laboratory Langages, Littératures, Sociétés Etudes Transfrontalières et Internationales (LLSETI) of the USMB and the Migrant'Scène festival, a study day on the theme of the migratory "crisis" will take place on Thursday, November 17, 2022 at the USMB presidency in Chambéry. Open to all and without registration, this day will consist of conferences, debates and workshops.

This study day will focus on an in-depth analysis of the multiple meanings of the notion of "migration crisis". Is it a crisis in terms of numbers, security, sovereignty, identity, values, or is it a humanitarian crisis or a crisis of solidarity? These multiple meanings suggest that the notion of crisis is not totally meaningless, even if it is complex and unclear. This leads us to ask, following Edgar Morin, whether the moment of crisis, characterized by contradiction and rupture, will have a regressive or progressive outcome, according to what criteria. The instrumentalization of the migratory crisis by the parties of the extreme right - and even by "centrist" policies - suggests a regressive outcome characterized by authoritarianism.

The morning session will take place in the Decottignies amphitheater, and the afternoon in room 3, of the Presidency of theuniversité Savoie Mont Blanc (27 rue Marcoz, in Chambéry).