Artistic educational tour with choreographer Piergiorgio Milano

16 April 2020 00:00

This course is part of the ALCOTRA- Corpo Link Cluster project and is aimed more specifically at students who practice sports activities in the mountain environment requiring the use of ropes to secure their progress. In this context, the artist's proposal envisages exploring climbing as an activity of expression while exploring the artistic proposal in verticality.

This course consists of two events:

  • three 3-hour sessions will be offered between January and March
  • a restitution session is scheduled for 16 April 2020 on the climbing wall of the Chambéry railway station

Piergiorgio Milano is an internationally renowned choreographer and artist; based between Brussels-Belgium and Turin-Italy. His experience combines dance, circus, theatre and martial arts. His experiences in dance, circus and as an artist translate into a physical language that combines virtuosity of movement with a strong theatrical aesthetic. His work stands indefinitely at the border of different arts, categories or disciplines, and it is when he seeks to cross this perimeter that he finds his strength in his creative processes. His shows and choreographies are the result of a radical contamination between dance, circus and theatre. For more information, please contact

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Contact: Nadine Bues