The Directorate of Development, Research and Development (DDRV)

His missions

Research administration:

  • Preparing and implementing the research component of the multi-year contract
  • Administration of the Research Committee of the Academic Council and implementation of decisions
  • Development, distribution, monitoring of the research budget
  • Help to manage research and produce indicators
  • Helping to disseminate scientific culture and promote research
  • Management of reception agreements (foreign researchers and volunteer collaborators)

Support for Research Activities:

  • Support for the assembly and monitoring of regional, national, European and international research projects
  • Tracking industrial contracts
  • Valorization of research

Doctoral and HDR training:

  • Pedagogical secretariat of doctoral training
  • Follow-up of PhD students enrolled in the USMB and HDR
  • Administrative coordination of the SISEO doctoral school
  • Management of the USMB Doctoral Commission


Ethics Committee

The Research Ethics Committee at Savoie Mont Blanc University aims to identify ethical issues that could arise from research protocols and projects. Teacher-researchers and researchers seek the committee's opinion before conducting their research, in accordance with the various codes of ethics governing their activities.


His team - Your contacts

Doctoral training:

Research Support Cell (CeSAR):

  • European and international projects (research): Fanny Lorentz Tel: 04 79 75 83 60
  • European and international projects (training), support for the assembly of contracts: Delphine Keller - Tel: 04 79 75 83 65
  • Projects ANR, PIA, FUI, ADEME: Marie-Amélie Pérez Tel: 04 79 75 91 58
  • Projects Region - CSMB Contracts: Nathalie Deiber Tel: 04 79 75 91 06
  • Valuing research: Anne Pons-Walker Tel: 04 79 75 84 70

Poles Editions:

Postal address:

Savoie Mont Blanc University
Directorate of Research and Doctoral Studies
27 MarcoZ Street
BP 1104
73011 Chambery Cédex