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The Presses Universitaires Savoie Mont Blanc publishes the works of the members of the laboratories of the University of Savoie Mont Blanc and those of the institutions with which it has signed a partnership agreement.



The subjects covered cover a wide variety of fields in history, literature, languages, sociology, law, geology, etc. All the works are appraised before publication, in order to meet the scientific requirements in force, and must correspond to the editorial lines of the collections. At present, there are about a dozen of these collections, spread over four laboratories at research.




The street art : legal sketch of a vandal art
The example of tag and graffiti

Under the direction of Grégoire CALLEY and Christophe BROCHE





Medieval Mountains

The mountain pastures of Savoie, Dauphiné and Provence from the 12th to the 16th century








TOTh 2016

Terminology & Ontologie : Theories and Applications


Doing it sociologically

Tests and horizons of the research involved





New forms of protest

Edited by Emma Bell and Jean-Marie Ruiz

Critical edition of the memoirs of the life of General Count Leonetto Cipriani

Michel Vergé-Franceschi

History at the source: act, count, record. Blends offered to Christian Guilleré. Volume 1

Edited by Guido Castelnuovo and Sandrine Victor

The Savoy Countries in the Great War 1916: facing the war of attrition

Edited by Claude Barbier, Anne-Sophie Nardelli-Malgrand, Frédéric Turpin

Travelling in the authoritarian and totalitarian states of inter-war Europe: confrontations with regimes, perceptions of ideologies and comparisons

Edited by Olivier Dard, Emmanuel Mattiato, Christophe Poupault and Frédéric Sallée

TOTh 2012

Edited by Christophe Roche

Text & image 2

Edited by Marc Veyrat

New Communities in Hellenistic and Roman Egypt

Edited by François Kayser and Lorenzo Medini

Good accounts make good friends. Blends offered to Christian Guilleré. Volume 2

Edited by Laurent Ripart and Dominique Lagorgette

Homer in Europe during the Renaissance. Translations and rewritings

Published by
Silvia D'Amico and Sabine Lardon

The Sons of Ariadne or the gift of tongues.
Essay on native language acquisition
by the child

Published by
Jean Rémond

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