Scientific output and research projects

Every year, USMB researchers produce a large number of articles, books and theses, making their scientific discoveries known to the academic community.
They also lead a number of research projects, funded by regional, national or international public institutions, or by companies under collaborative contracts.


Broad dissemination of knowledge

The USMB makes the following available to all:

Research projects

Before their research results in publications, researchers carry out a great deal of theoretical work, experimentation, surveys, etc. as part of research projects, often carried out collectively.

Current research projects

24 international projects :

39 ANR projects 39 ANR projects
23 PIA projects
6 ADEME projects
14 AURA regional projects (Pack Ambition Recherche, IRICE, Fond Régional Innovation...)
150 projects financed by collaboration contracts

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News on current projects