Scientific productions and research projects

Each year, USMB researchers produce numerous articles, books and theses that make their scientific discoveries known within the academic community.
They also lead several research projects, financed by regional, national or international public institutions or by companies within the framework of collaboration contracts.


A wide dissemination of knowledge

The USMB makes available to all :

Projects of research

Before the research materializes in publications, the researchers carry out an important work made of theoretical work, experiments, surveys... in the framework of research projects, often collective.

Research projects in progress

24 international projects :

39 ANR projects 39 ANR projects
23 PIA projects
6 ADEME projects
14 AURA Region projects (Pack Ambition Recherche, IRICE, Fond Régional Innovation...)
150 projects financed by collaboration contracts

Update October 2021 - Data for the year 2020 - Human resources: data as of 31/12/2020 / Single Social Report 2020

Some news on current projects