Training and companies

Research and Innovation Diploma

The Research and Innovation Diploma (DRI) makes it possible to associate a laboratory and a company, in order to develop an R&D project in 18 months. It provides professional experience in the field of innovation. This diploma is an original formula that encourages innovation and gives companies access to the know-how of our laboratories.


CIFRE Scholarships

The system of industrial agreements on training through research (CIFRE), funded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, provides funding to any company that hires a doctoral student to carry out research work. It thus contributes to the employment of doctors in companies. The CIFRE system involves 3 partners: the young graduate with a BAC+5 diploma, a company that undertakes to entrust a young graduate with research work and a laboratory to supervise the thesis.

The doctoral student, recruited on a three-year fixed-term contract or permanent contract by the company, spends half of his time in the laboratory and the other half within the company.
A collaboration contract between the company and the laboratory's regulatory body must be signed at the latest within six months of the start of the CIFRE.


Co-financing of theses:

The system of industrial conventions for training through research (CIFRE), financed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, promotes exchanges between public research laboratories and socio-economic circles and thus contributes to the employment of doctors in companies. The CIFRE system therefore associates 3 partners: the doctoral student, a company and a laboratory.

The doctoral student is recruited on a fixed-term contract or a three-year permanent contract by a company that entrusts him with a research project, the subject of the thesis. The CIFRE system guarantees the successful completion of the thesis and a good professional integration.

Découvrir la procédure cifre

Since 2004, the Savoie Mont Blanc Council (CSMB) has supported the development of the Université Savoie Mont Blanc and research by guaranteeing in particular the co-financing of doctoral grants, the other part of the co-financing being provided by public or private partners. This system makes it possible to develop long-term scientific collaborations with the socio-economic world.

The thesis co-financing will be the subject of a research agreement in accordance with the management rules in force at the USMB. To prepare the application, it is essential to have first contacted the Direction de la Recherche et des Etudes Doctorales (DRED) in order to formalize the terms of the collaboration.