Innovation and valorization of research

Anchored in a rich and dynamic ecosystem, the USMB encourages the valorization of its research results and the transfer of knowledge to socio-economic players in order to promote innovation. It thus provides companies and local authorities with the expertise and skills of its researchers and its research facilities. It also supports its researchers in partnership activities through a network of development, a dedicated service and training.
The USMB benefits from the networking activities of the USMB Foundation, which supports research projects with a strong impact on the Savoie Mont Blanc region, particularly through research chairs.

Knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer can take several forms: research collaboration, CIFRE collaboration, service provision, access to specific equipment, etc., depending on the needs, intellectual and financial contributions of each partner and the expected results.

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The Partnerships, Valorization and Transfers Department is there to assist you in all your endeavors, to put you in touch with the most appropriate partners and also to secure your work by drawing up preliminary contracts.

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Key figures 

  • 150 contracts signed in 2020 between the laboratories of theUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc and socio-economic partners
  • 45 patent families in progress and 71 active patents

Data year 2020

Technology transfer and business creation

The USMB is a shareholder in the SATT LINKSIUM (Société d'Accélération de Transfert de Technologies de Grenoble Alpes) and offers its partners collaborative maturation and incubation contracts. Thanks to its technology transfer and business creation activities, the USMB supports project leaders, whether they are researchers or students.
Key figures

  • 15 transfer projects with SATT Linksium since 2016, including 6 startups created
  • A flow of about ten projects in the development phase (maturation - incubation)

Data year 2020

Examples of startup presentations:

Research Chairs

The research chairs bring together researchers around an innovative research topic, a vector for scientific advances and major innovations. They are carried out in partnership with the Université Savoie Mont Blanc foundation, which promotes dialogue between companies, territories and universities and provides support for the development of exploratory research projects on transition issues.