Re-enrolment in doctoral studies

Doctoral students under the USMB were previously registered with the UGA Committee. With the disappearance of the ComuE UGA and the return of the doctorate to the USMB, the administrative procedure for re-registration is modified and described below:

ATTENTION: The re-registration at the USMB of any doctoral student under the supervision of the USMB is mandatory if you defend your thesis after 31/12/19. Doctoral students under the supervision of the USMB and defending their thesis before 31/12/19 may choose not to re-register. In this case, they are covered by their registration for the 2018/2019 academic year and will be awarded a doctoral degree from the ComuE UGA. If they wish to be awarded the USMB doctoral degree, they must register and follow the procedure described below. However, they will be exempt from the registration fee.

Step 1 - Transfer

You are currently registered with the UGA Committee. You must request your file transfer from the UGA Committee to the USMB by completing the form available here and under the heading ". Documents "(except for doctoral candidates with UGA, IDEX, or UGA thesis director funding).

You must then send this form to the USMB Doctoral Training Secretariat for the attention of Virginie Thivillon ( who will do the necessary to switch from ADUM UGA to ADUM USMB. This operation takes about 48 hours. Once done, when you connect to ADUM, your ADUM re-registration documents will be labeled with the USMB header instead of the UGA header.

Step 2 - Pedagogical re-registration

On theADUMfill in the information requested on the "re-registration" page and print the administrative documents generated by the tool
Step 3 - pedagogical registration

Attach the report of the CSI (Individual Monitoring Committee) to the file, which is mandatory as of the 2nd re-registration. Send to the USMB Doctoral Training, through the laboratory secretariat, the thesis follow-up report signed by the thesis directors and the laboratory director.

Re-registration in 4th year or more:

- The follow-up report includes a request for a derogation in which the doctoral student and the thesis director must justify exceeding the normal duration of the thesis.

- In the case of a cotutelle, an amendment to the contract must be made on the basis of this model.

Step 4 - Pedagogical registration

After validation by the Directors of the ED concerned and the USMB Doctoral College, the doctoral student will receive an email notifying him/her of his/her pedagogical registration (signed thesis follow-up report) with the necessary elements to finalize his/her administrative registration:

  1. either online and then make an appointment with the site school (recommended)
  2. either directly in school after making an appointment
Step 5 - Administrative registration

Administrative registration (AI) is the next step. Before proceeding to this step, you are asked to free yourself from the 91 euros Student Life and Campus Contribution (CVEC). Payment of the CVEC is required to proceed with the AI.

Once the CVEC has been stamped, you can proceed with the AI first online:

  1. Either with the link
  2. Either with the link

These links are not available for external students (not known from UGA, USMB and INP databases)

Make an appointment with the school concerned to finalize the AI by bringing the required documents (identity card, etc.)
For foreign students and cotutelles, AI is not possible online and will be done entirely in school:

When registering administratively, in school, provide obligatory:

After validation of the course, your university fees must be paid including (student medicine...).

Step 6 - Defense before the end of 2019 = Administrative registration?

Doctoral students whose thesis is due to be defended before 31 December:

Doctoral students do not need to re-register administratively. If they do not re-register, they will receive the doctoral degree of the ComuE UGA for the academic year 2018-2019. Doctoral candidates wishing to obtain a doctorate from the Université Savoie Mont Blanc must re-register pedagogically and administratively. They will not have to request a waiver and will not be charged a registration fee.