Doctorate and HDR

The USMB offers a academics to research through innovative research based on a academics disciplinary excellence in connection with the laboratories of the University, a continuous learning of the methodology and tools of research, an interdisciplinary opening and a support to professional integration, in connection with the Club of Companies of the USMB.
The USMB also assists its researchers in the process of obtaining the Habilitation to Supervise Research. It also welcomes researchers from other universities who come to benefit from the expertise and experience of USMB researchers.


The academics is organized by the College and the doctoral schools. 

Under this college, there aretwo accredited schools and eight schools co-accredited with the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA)

Les 2 écoles accréditées :

Cultures, Sociétés, Territoires (DOCTORAL SCHOOL 633 CST)
Laboratoires rattachés : Centre Antoine Favre, EDYTEM, IREGE, LLSETI

Science, Engineering, Environment (DOCTORAL SCHOOL 634 EIS)
Laboratoires rattachés : CARRTEL, EDYTEM, LISTIC, LOCIE, LIBM, SYMME


Les 8 écoles co-accréditées avec l’UGA exerçant dans les laboratoires de l’USMB sont les suivantes :

Doctoral School of Physics (DOCTORAL SCHOOL 47 PHYS)
Laboratoires rattachés : LAPP, LAPTH

Doctoral School Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences (ED 105 STEP)
Laboratoire rattaché : ISTerre

Doctoral School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Automation and Signal Processing (DOCTORAL SCHOOL 210 EEATS)
Laboratoire rattaché : IMEP-LAHC

Doctoral School Engineering for Health, Cognition and the Environment (DOCTORAL SCHOOL 216 ISCE)
Laboratoires rattachés : LPNC, LIP/PC2S

Doctoral School Mathematics, Information Science and Technology, Computer Science (DOCTORAL SCHOOL 217 MSTII)
Laboratoire rattaché : LAMA

Doctoral School Chemistry and Life Sciences (DOCTORAL SCHOOL 218 CSV)
Laboratoire rattaché : LECA

Doctoral School of Human, Political and Territorial Sciences (DOCTORAL SCHOOL 454 SHPT)
Laboratoire rattaché : LIP-PC2S

Habilitation to direct research (HDR)

The habilitation to direct research or HDR is the highest national diploma awarded by universities. This diploma recognizes the researcher's high scientific level characterized by :

  • An original approach in a scientific field
  • Mastering an autonomous scientific research strategy
  • The ability to supervise young researchers

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