Well-being, Health and Quality of Life on Site Mission

Theuniversité Savoie Mont Blanc is concerned with the quality of life of the staff who make up its community, and intends to promote and develop its actions around quality of life, health and well-being on its sites. To this end, the USMB is setting up the "Cohesion and quality of life on sites" project, aimed primarily at staff and in line with the "Social Barometer" approach (surveys in March-April 2019 and May 2021).


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Objectives of the "cohesion and quality of life on the sites" project

The objectives of the project are as follows:

  • Build and promote an environment conducive to living together, to the health and well-being of community members and to the fulfillment of academic missions
  • Strengthen the company's strategy for promoting quality of life at work and preventing psycho-social risks (PSR).
  • Supporting the "aftermath" of the health crisis
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Cohesion and quality of life on the sites" project priorities

In order to structure actions that are in line with the project initiated by the establishment, its priorities are as follows:

  • Setting up times and spaces to promote quality of life on campus. The aim is to develop positive health behaviors in the workplace. Raising awareness and reducing stigma, preventing risks and helping to remedy difficulties at an early stage. Innovative initiatives to raise awareness of the challenges of well-being and promote mental health are proposed.
  • Strengthen the assessment and organizational support approach to well-being. The aim is to further develop the "Social Barometer" tool for diagnostics and future interventions.
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Actions and events of the quality of life mission on the sites

Wellness and cohesion day

2023 07 04 visual defThe Wellness, Health and Quality of Life mission atuniversité Savoie Mont Blanc is organizing a "Green Day" on the theme of well-being and health. Reserved for all USMB staff members, this day offers a variety of activities designed to promote well-being and health.
Find out more about the event Green Day 2023

Mental health first aid

Discover and learn Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). MHFS enables you to spot difficulties and know how to act with people who are experiencing the first signs of a psychological difficulty or who are going through a mental health crisis. This academics course provides you with key concepts in mental health, as well as specific information on a number of disorders and crisis situations. By the end of the academics course, you will have learned how to act as a first-aider to support the person and enable them to be taken care of by professionals or emergency services. More specifically, PSSMs learn how to provide support to people suffering from depression, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, substance use, suicidal crises or aggressive behavior. academics is open to all. Several sessions are organized each year for groups of 10 to 16 people at different sites within the company.
To take part, contact academics.


kiplin web bannerFor the start of the 2022-23 university year,Université Savoie Mont Blanc has set up theActiv'USMB collaborative sports event. It took place between September 15 and 28, 2022. Open to all USMB staff, the aim was toencourage walking and physical activity on a daily basis. By downloading the KiplinTeams had to take as many steps as possible to win the competition. The challenge was accompanied by various challenges on well-being at work, to set the pace and earn bonus points. Together, the USMB staff covered almost 11,600 km, or around 16.5 million steps! The event was organized by the Events Department of the Communications Division in conjunction with the Health and Well-being Mission, with the support of the Medical, Prevention and Sports Departments.

Find out more about the event

Activ'USMB, a collective and connected adventure for USMB staff

Find out more about the challenge results
USMB staff walk with the Activ'USMB adventure

Finally, what did the participants think?

"It was really great. We exchanged a lot of ideas and had a good laugh with our colleagues, which created a good atmosphere in the team and enabled us to share some good times," says one of the members of the winning 1000pattes team.

"A real challenge and a lot of fun and challenges between us. Photos of landscapes were circulated, and there were weekend outings between teams, and so on. It was great fun!" reports a member of another team.

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To contact us, send an e-mail to: mission.bien-etre@univ-smb.fr

Project manager: Arnaud Carré
Project assistant: Isoline Mauxion
HRD administrative manager: Catherine Denjean, cross-functional activities department