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UNITA Universitas Montium is an alliance of six universities, supported by the European University Initiative. Launched in November 2020, it brings partners together around common values and objectives to promote a new form of cooperation on a European scale.

UNITA brings together :

Current appeals and upcoming events

UNITA is organising a workshop on European citizenship and identity.

Open to students, academic and support staff, as well as people from outside the university, this workshop aims to gather the perceptions of particular groups, including mountain dwellers, on European identity and citizenship.

It is divided into two sessions, which will take place face-to-face at the USMB on Friday 15 and Friday 22 October, from 1.30 to 5 pm. A hybrid format will be set up to allow people who cannot travel to take part in the workshop.

Four working groups of 10 people will be formed:
- students
- academic staff
- migrants from outside the European Union
- members of civil society (companies, associations, etc.)

The workshop will focus on the following issues
- To work with participants to better understand European identity and citizenship and the challenges of the present time
- Strengthening the role of citizenship education and academics
- Share information on known good practices in terms of citizenship reflection

Consult the notice and the detailed programme of the workshop

To register, please write to unita.office@univ-smb.fr before 30 September, specifying the working group you wish to join.

flyer european citizenship workshop

UNITA is organising a competition for all students of the alliance who have written a thesis on European citizenship.

Two prizes of €215 are up for grabs at each participating university: one for undergraduate level, one for graduate level. The winners will also participate in a joint audition with the other universities.

Conditions of participation: to have completed a thesis at the end of a bachelor's or master's degree within the USMB or another university of the alliance during the 2018-19; 2019-20; 2020-21 academic years.

To apply: send your work and an abstract of maximum 5 pages, in French or English, before 1 October 2021 to unita.office@univ-smb.fr

Access details of how to apply and information on the organisation of the competition

This anonymous survey is conducted to collect the perceptions of different groups (students, university staff, civil society) on European identity and citizenship.

In this framework, the first workshop on the meaning of European identity and citizenship will be organised in October 2021, and the results of the survey will help the organisers to adapt the workshop and the focus group sessions. The survey has been adapted and organised according to the European Commission's Eurobarometer data.

Responding to the European Identity and Citizenship Survey

As a UNITA student, you can participate free of charge in a number of thematic schools that take place throughout the year at our partners.

Are you a student at the USMB and would you like to get involved in a project with an international and European dimension?

The UNITA team is looking for research volunteers to actively participate in student projects and become ambassadors for the alliance!

On the programme: academic, cultural and sporting events, in partnership with the other universities of the alliance, animation of the international life of the USMB campuses, and involvement in an exciting adventure!

We are also looking for motivated students to join the UNITA Student Assembly, and thus engage in the governance of the alliance. This body is made up of three representatives from each partner university, for each study cycle: Bachelor, Master and Doctorate.

The students currently representing the USMB are Neven Pacheco (licence), Alix Duthoit (master), and Karine Revet (doctorate).

Denisa Ungurean (Universitatea de Vest din Timisoara) and Edoardo Miserere (Università degli Studi di Torino) were elected to represent the students in the other organs of the UNITA alliance.

The adventure begins for the UNITA Student Assembly

For more information, contact: unita.office@univ-smb.fr

UNITA is setting up a suggestion box, which is regularly checked, to collect ideas and opinions from everyone.

Don't hesitate to use it!

Reply to the UNITA suggestion box

UNITA in practice

Mobility for all with UNITA

UNITA has set up cooperation agreements for all courses of study and between all the universities in the alliance. This increases mobility opportunities for students tenfold!

See the page dedicated to study mobility

By undertaking a physical mobility in one of the alliance's universities, you benefit from the innovative Flexibility Window.

Thanks to this system, you are free to choose up to 20% of your courses abroad (6 ECTS per semester) without this being a reason to block your departure.

In this context, your educational adviser makes recommendations to ensure the coherence of your course and to prevent your choices from compromising your further studies.

For any questions, please contact: mobilite-unita@univ-smb.fr

Thanks to virtual mobility, you can integrate courses offered by other universities in the alliance into your curriculum. For the year 2021-2022, more than 260 courses are offered!

Delivered and evaluated 100% virtually, in the local language or in English, they allow students to internationalise their studies while remaining at the USMB. This is a particularly interesting opportunity to acquire new skills (in languages or in fields not available at the USMB), to participate in intercultural exchanges, or to prepare for future mobility.

The courses given in virtual mobility give rise to ECTS credits, and are therefore integrated into your curriculum. There are no fees for these courses.

Thus, in agreement with your course leader, virtual mobility allows you to :

  • to replace a course given at the USMB, in order to slightly adapt a course at academics, or to follow a course in a foreign language;
  • to take a course for your general knowledge;
  • to complete an educational contract (for an international student).

The May 2021 campaign is now closed.

See the May 2021 call

For any questions, please contact: mobilite-unita@univ-smb.fr

The UNITA alliance is developing a new rural mobility programme, which has a double objective: to promote mobility and to develop rural and mountain territories, which are characteristic of the partner universities.

From agronomy to marketing, via animation, entrepreneurship or chemistry, the internship offers are diversified and are aimed at students from many different courses. These internships are also offered by very different organisations: associations, companies, hubs of research, cultural centres, public administrations...

Costs related to transport, accommodation and meals are usually covered by the host organisation, or supported financially.

Applications for the summer of 2021 are now closed.

See the May 2021 call

For any questions, please contact: mobilite-unita@univ-smb.fr

Would you like to visit a UNITA partner for a academics, teaching, or cooperation purposes?

You can apply at any time of the year and have your travelcosts covered.

You must meet the eligibility criteria and follow the procedure specified in the link below. For travel within the UNITA alliance or with a UNITA partner, applications are accepted throughout the year, not just on the dates indicated.

Consult the procedure for staff mobility

For any questions or contact requests from partners, contact unita.office@univ-smb.fr

Intercomprehension in Romance languages

Intercomprehension between neighbouring languages (IC) is a language acquisition methodology that allows one to quickly learn to understand several foreign languages from the same language family.

In practice, it is about developing cognitive strategies that allow one to build on the linguistic baggage that one already has, by enhancing it naturally and quickly. To this end, CI builds bridges between languages and enables receptive and mutual understanding of neighbouring languages and the ability to interact with speakers of these languages.

Why promote this approach?

UNITA is an alliance that has chosen to bring together five Romance language countries: France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Romania. It is therefore a privileged area for developing the intercomprehension method and facilitating interaction and mobility.

In the context of welcoming foreign students to courses, teachers of all disciplines are made aware of the intercomprehension method, which facilitates access to courses given in French.

For students:

From the beginning of the academic year 2021, the USMB will offer intercomprehension courses, which will be available in the same way as learning a foreign language. They can therefore be integrated into your course of study, depending on your background. Find out about the possibility of taking these courses when you register for your course.

Other short training courses and one-off events taking place throughout the year can allow you to discover and practice this method. They will be published on the social networks and in the current calls section.

For teaching staff :

UNITA offers to train language teachers to become CI trainers.
Short courses are also regularly offered to provide an introduction to or practice in intercomprehension.

Information will be available by email and in the current appeals section.

For administrative staff :

Short training courses are offered to administrative staff in order to get an introduction or to practice intercomprehension.

Information will be available by email and in the current appeals section.

Contact: intercomprehension@univ-smb.fr


The research with UNITA

UNITA has launched three thematic hubs to structure research within the alliance:

  • Renewable energies - contact at USMB : Benoit STUTZ
  • Circular economy - contact at USMB : Grégory CHATEL
  • Cultural heritage - contacts at the USMB: Anne-Sophie NARDELLI-MALGRAND and Emilie-Anne PEPY

The aim of these hubs is to bring together researchers from the six UNITA partners to develop new programmes on research related to the chosen themes.

The UNITA partners have made available a total of 10 doctoral grants in the three themes of research favoured by the alliance.

Applications are now closed.

Further opportunities may become available in the coming years. Information will be available in the current calls section and by email.

Portrait: two UNITA doctoral students

The alliance has a project at research, Research for UNITA (Re-UNITA), to develop new initiatives, particularly in the alliance's priority areas. Its objective is to structure research within the alliance and to enable the pooling of resources and knowledge.

The Re-UNITA project will start in September 2021. The opening ceremony will take place in Pau.

It is funded by the Horizon 2020 programme - Science with and for Society.

For more information, contact: unita.office@univ-smb.fr

Building for the future

With UNITA, the USMB is co-constructing and integrating a European university, supported by the European Union.

The USMB and the other partner universities aim to achieve an unprecedented level of cooperation at all levels of organization and in all areas of activity: academics, research and innovation.

The alliance brings together over 160,000 students and 13,000 staff.

This European university will be a federative structure in which each institution will retain its autonomy.

  1. Creating a shared governance structure
  2. To have an approach focused on innovation and on the needs of students
  3. Promoting multilingualism, especially with intercomprehension in Romance languages
  4. Structuring the research, particularly for the themes of renewable energy, the circular economy and cultural heritage
  5. Creating an interconnected campus
  6. Promoting mobility for all
  7. Contribute to the reflection on European citizenship
  8. Sustaining the UNITA alliance

The UNITA Universitas Montium alliance is based on common values, such as social responsibility, democratic participation, sustainable development, inclusiveness, and the promotion of personal development.

Thus, the six partners wish to create an open, inclusive and innovative European university to develop the notion of European identity and to bring the point of view of the inhabitants of mountain areas.

On this basis, UNITA aims to design a truly European inter-university campus in its own right, promoting the excellence and attractiveness of the alliance. Students and staff will benefit from a multilingual and needs-based environment, allowing for increased mobility and the development of innovative pedagogical approaches such as intercomprehension between Romance languages.

This approach is mainly based on a joint reflection involving students and staff of the partner universities, in order to respond to social challenges and to empower them to fully embrace their European citizenship.

UNITA is strongly rooted in its territories. With 32 associated partners, the alliance is part of a significant territorial network, and works in the development of European regions often considered as peripheral. These include rural areas, which are often faced with depopulation - with the exception of the Savoie Mont Blanc area

UNITA highlights these regions with common characteristics, through joint actions with associated partners, who are strongly involved in this European university project.

Six associated partners have joined UNITA because of their links with Savoie Mont Blanc University:

  • The International Association for the Promotion of Distance Intercomprehension (Apicad)
  • The Association Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF)
  • USMB Business Club
  • The Savoie Mont Blanc Council (CSMB)
  • The Euromontana Association
  • The Tenerrdis competitiveness cluster

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Mobility contact: mobilite-unita@univ-smb.fr

Intercomprehension contact: intercomprehension@univ-smb.fr

UNITA is a European university supported by the European Union and co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme, as well as by the Agence Nationale de la research and the Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes.

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