UNITA Universitas Montium - An alliance of 6 universities in Europe

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Unita, Universitas Montium, is the coming together of 6 universities from 5 European countries, located in rural, mountainous and cross-border regions of the Romance language.


The University Savoie Mont Blanc is allied with :


UNITA in practice

Thanks to virtual mobility, you can integrate courses offered by other universities in the alliance into your curriculum.

This may allow a student, in agreement with his or her academic supervisor, to

  • to complete a pedagogical contract (for an international student),
  • to replace a course given at the USMB, in order to slightly adapt a course at academics, or even to follow a course in a foreign language.

The catalogue of courses available for the 2021-2022 academic year is under construction and will be available soon.

Interested students should fill out a form and send it to their component.

Do not hesitate to contact your component or us directly.

UNITA: building for the future

With UNITA, the USMB is co-building and integrating a European university, supported by the European Union.

The USMB and the other partner universities aim to achieve an unprecedented level of cooperation at all levels of organization and in all areas of activity: academics, research and innovation.

The alliance will bring together over 160,000 students and 13,000 staff.

This European university will take the form of a federative structure in which each institution will retain its autonomy. It will offer European degrees to its students and facilitate exchanges between researchers, staff and territories. The objective is to achieve 50% mobility within the alliance in 10 years.


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