The Presidency

Find the portraits of the presidential team in pictures


  • Philippe GALEZ


  • Philippe BRIAND: Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors (BD) in charge of human resources, personnel, gender equality, information systems and general and legal affairs. He is also Senior Vice President of the University.
  • Thierry ROLANDO: Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors in charge of finance, quality, contractual policy and steering
  • Laurence VIGNOLLET: Vice President International Relations
  • Gilles FRAISSE: Vice President Heritage and Environmental Transition
  • Patrice MELE: Vice President in charge of Digital and Information Systems to the Vice President of the Board of Directors in charge of Human Resources, Personnel, Gender Equality, Information Systems and General and Legal Affairs
  • Mareva SABATIER : Vice-President in charge of the research
  • Nicolas FORESTIER: Vice-President in charge of valuation and contractual relations with companies, reporting to the Vice-President research
  • Jean-François DREUILLE: Vice-President in charge of academics and university life
  • Bernard CARON: Vice President in charge of undergraduate transformation to the Vice President academics
  • David MÉLO: Vice President in charge of guidance, relations with high schools and professional integration with the Vice President academics
  • Cristina VIGNALI de POLI: Vice-President in charge of campus life, culture, scientific, technical and industrial culture, and anti-discrimination promotion, reporting to the Vice-President academics and the Vice-PresidentforResearch.
  • Édouard MESSIN : student vice-president

Officers and chargés de mission

  • Ilham ALLOUI: PIX Project Manager
  • Pascale BALLAND: Scientific and technical culture project manager
  • Nirina CHHAY: UNITA Project Officer
  • Jean-Jacques CURTELIN: Hybridization-Moodle-Karuta Project Manager
  • Paul JONES, Project Manager Additional Languages & Modern Languages Certification.
  • Ekaterina LE PENNEC: Entrepreneurship Officer
  • Aurore MIONNET: Project manager for teaching professions
  • Lionel VALET, Project Manager Campus Connections
  • Laurence VIGNOLLET, Project Manager Direction of the FLE and Francophonie activity


The Board of Governors adopted the list of twelve members who will constitute the office of the University :

  • the chairman
  • the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, First Vice-Chairman
  • the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • the Vice-President academics
  • the Vice-President research
  • the seven directors of UFRs, Schools and Institutes

Referees, referents, relays and experts

  • David BAILLEUL: Ethics Officer
  • Christelle BONATO: Homophobia Referent
  • Christelle BONATO: Integrity referent
  • Christelle BONATO: referent for secularism
  • Christelle BONATO: referent Prevention of radicalisation
  • Christelle BONATO: referent Racism and Antisemitism
  • Christelle BONATO: Transgender Referent
  • Eric BRUNAT: Territory referent
  • Jean-Baptiste EVROT: High Level Sportsmen and Women Referent (SHN)
  • Rachel GONCALVES: referent Civic Service
  • Thierry ROLANDO: Campus des métiers referent
  • Mareva SABATIER: Ethical referent
  • Frédéric TURPIN: referent Senghor Chair of La Francophonie
  • Frédéric TURPIN: Defence and Security referent
  • Christelle BONATO: Security and Defence Official
  • Christophe HARBINE: Information System Security Manager
  • Noémie HENRY: responsible for access to administrative documents - Relai informatique et liberté
  • Stéphane BAUZAC: Telephony expert
  • Lionel VALET: expert in pedagogical innovation

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