The Presidency

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  • Philippe GALEZ


  • Philippe BRIAND: Vice-President of the Board of Directors (CA) in charge of human resources, personnel, gender equality, information systems and general and legal affairs. He is also the first vice-president of the university.
  • Jean François JOYE: Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, in charge of finance, quality, contractual policy and management.
  • Mareva SABATIER: Vice-President in charge of research
  • Jean-François DREUILLE: Vice-President in charge of academics and university life
  • Bernard CARON: Vice President in charge of the transformation of the undergraduate sector, reporting to the Vice President academics
  • David MÉLO: Vice-Chairman in charge of guidance, relations with high schools and professional integration, reporting to the Vice-Chairman academics. He is also vice-president in charge of communications
  • Eric WEISS: Vice-President in charge of work-linked training
  • Cristina VIGNALI de POLI: Vice-President in charge of campus life, culture, scientific, technical and industrial culture, and the fight against discrimination, reporting to the Vice-President academics and the Vice-PresidentforResearch
  • Claire SALMON, vice-president in charge of interdisciplinarity and links academics-research
  • Nicolas FORESTIER: Vice-President in charge of development and contractual relations with companies, reporting to the Vice-President for Research
  • Laurence VIGNOLLET: Vice President International Relations
  • Gilles FRAISSE: Vice-president for heritage and environmental transition
  • Patrice MELE: Vice-President in charge of digital and information systems, reporting to the Vice-President of the Board of Directors in charge of human resources, personnel, gender equality, information systems and general and legal affairs
  • Nicolas MOURGUES : student vice-president

Officers and chargés de mission

  • Ilham ALLOUI: PIX project manager
  • Pascale BALLAND: Scientific and technical culture officer
  • Arnaud CARRÉ : Well-being/Health
  • Nirina CHHAY: UNITA mission officer
  • Jean-Jacques CURTELIN: Hybridisation-Moodle-Karuta project manager
  • Véronique FAVRE-BONTÉ: InnoUNITA referent
  • Paul JONES, Head of Language Certification & Additional Modern Languages.
  • Ekaterina LE PENNEC: Entrepreneurship Officer
  • Aurore MIONNET: Education Officer
  • Lionel VALET, Connected Campuses Project Manager
  • Laurence VIGNOLLET, Head of the FLE and Francophonie Department


The Board of Governors adopted the list of twelve members who will constitute the office of the University :

  • the chairman
  • the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, First Vice-Chairman
  • the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • the Vice-President academics
  • the Vice-President research
  • the seven directors of UFRs, Schools and Institutes

Referees, referents, relays and experts

  • David BAILLEUL: Ethics referent
  • Christelle BONATO: Homophobia referent
  • Christelle BONATO: Integrity referent
  • Christelle BONATO: Secularism referent
  • Christelle BONATO: Radicalisation prevention referent
  • Christelle BONATO: Racism and anti-Semitism referent
  • Christelle BONATO: Transgender referent
  • Eric BRUNAT: Territory referent
  • Jean-Baptiste EVROT: High-level sportsmen and women (SHN) referent
  • Rachel GONCALVES: Civic Service referent
  • Thierry ROLANDO: Campus des métiers et des qualifications referent
  • Mareva SABATIER: Scientific Ethics Officer
  • Frédéric TURPIN: referent Senghor Chair of the Francophonie
  • Frédéric TURPIN: Defence and Security referent
  • Grégory CHATEL: Circular Economy referent
  • Stéphane BAUZAC: Telephony expert
  • Christelle BONATO: Defence Security Officer
  • Sorana CIMPAN: Hype-13 expert
  • Christophe HARBINE: Information System Security Manager
  • Noémie HENRY: Access to administrative documents - Data protection officer
  • Lionel VALET: Educational innovation expert

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