2iE : International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering

ACUA: Ancient University Cultural Association

ADCUEFE: Association of Directors of University Centres of French Studies for Foreign Students

AEF : Education Agency academics

AGISEFE: Association for the Management of the Savoisian Institute of French Studies for Foreigners

AJAC: Postponed but Allowed to Continue

AMUE: Agence de Mutualisation des Universités et Établissements (Agency for the Mutualisation of Universities and Institutions)

AOG : Open Archives of the PRES of Grenoble

APS: Assembly of the Savoy Countries

ARDI: Regional Agency for Development and Innovation

AER : Return to Employment Assistance Allowance

ASM: Mountain Sports Activities

ATER: Temporary Teaching and Research Attaché research

AUEG : Alliance Université-Entreprise de Grenoble

AURA : Alliance of Universities of Rhône-Alpes

BIATSS: Librarians, Engineers, Administrators, Technicians, Social and Health Personnel

BOE: Beneficiary of the Employment Obligation

C2i : Computer and Internet Certificate

CA: Board of Directors

CAR: Board of Directors in academics Restricted

CARRTEL: Alpine Centre of research on the Tropical Networks of Limnic Ecosystems

CEA: Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission)

CERN: European Organization for Nuclear research

CESER: Economic, Social and Environmental Council of the Rhône-Alpes Region

CEVU: Council of Studies and University Life

CHSCT: Comité d'Hygiène, de Sécurité et des Conditions de Travail (Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee)

CIESAS: Centro de Investigationes y Estudios Superiores en Antropologia Social

CIFRE: Convention Industrielle de academics by the research

CILFA: Annecy International French Language Centre

CLES : Certificate of Competence in Languages of Higher Education

CNRS: National Centre for Scientific research

CNU: National Council of Universities

CODRI: Orientation Commission of the Directorate of International Relations

CODUS: Doctoral College of the University of Savoie Mont Blanc

COMMITTEES: Committees of Italians Residing Abroad

COSSI Strategic Orientation Committee for Information Systems (Comité d'Orientation Stratégique des Systèmes d'Information -COSSI )

CPED: Standing Conference of Equality and Diversity Representatives of French Universities

CPER: State-Region Project Contract

CPGE: Preparatory Classes for the Grandes Ecoles

CPISI: Inter-University Steering Committee for Information Systems

CPRDFP: Regional Plan Contract for the Development of Vocational Training

CPU: Conference of University Presidents

CRCT: Leave for Research or Thematic Conversions

CREPUQ: Conference of Rectors and Principals of Quebec Universities

CRFG: Comité Régional Franco-Genevois (Franco-Genevan Regional Committee)

CRITT : Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer

CROUS: Regional Centre for University and School Works

CS: Scientific Council

CSTI: Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture

TC: Technical Committee

DAET : Délégué Académique aux Enseignements Techniques (Academic Delegate for Technical Education)

DAIC: Directorate of Reception, Integration and Citizenship

DAP: Direction d'Aide au Pilotage (Pilot Assistance Directorate)

WFD: Doctoral Student Contract Teacher

DEVE: Direction des Études et de la Vie Étudiante (Department of Studies and Student Life)

C.E.O.: Deputy Managing Director

EPCC 73: Public Establishment for Cultural Cooperation of Savoie

DOB: Budgetary Orientation Debate

DRED: Direction of research and Doctoral Studies

DRI: Diploma of research and Innovation

DRI: Direction des Relations Internationales

ISD: Information Systems Department

DU : University Diploma

DUEF: University Diploma of French Studies

DUT : University Diploma of Technology

EDIT : International and Cross-Border Doctoral School

EDYTEM : DYnamic Environments and Mountain Stories

ENSIMAG: Grenoble National School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

EOM: Interviews Objectives Means

ERASMUS: European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students

ERGC: Chauvet Cave Restitution Area

ESPE: Higher Schools of Teaching and Education

FACIM : Foundation for International Cultural Action in the Mountains

FLE : French as a Foreign Language

FLI : French Language of Integration

FSDIE: Fonds de Solidarité et de Développement des Initiatives Étudiantes (Solidarity and Development Fund for Student Initiatives)

GRAIN: GRenoble Alpes INcubation

GRAVIT : GRenoble Alpes Valorisation Innovation Technologies

HAL : international multidisciplinary archive (Hyper Articles Online)

HEG : School of Management

HES SO : University of AppliedSciences of Western Switzerland

IDEX: Initiatives of Excellence

IEP: Institute of Political Studies

IFSTTAR: French Institute for Transport, Planning and Network Science and Technology

IHEDN: Institut des Hautes Études de Défense Nationale (Institute for Advanced National Defence Studies)

INES: National Institute of Solar Energy

INRA: National Institute of Agronomy research Agronomics

Inter-U: Inter -Universities

IOREM: International Organization for Research and Education on Mechatronics

IRD: Institute of research for Development

ISEP: International Student Exchange Programs

ISTerre: Institute of Earth Sciences

IULM: Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione of Milan

JDL: High School Student Day

JELU: High School-University Exchange Day

NRD: National Reservist Day

JPO: Open Day

LANSAD: Languages for Specialists in Other Disciplines

LCE: Foreign Languages and Cultures

LEA: Applied Foreign Languages

LLS: Languages, Literature, Societies

LLSH: Literature, Languages and Humanities

LLU: High School-University Liaison

LMOPS: Laboratory of Organic Materials with Specific Properties

LOCIE : Laboratory Optimization of Design and Environmental Engineering

LP: Professional License

MASS: Applied Mathematics and Social Sciences

MCF : Lecturer

MES : School Teaching profession

MESR: Ministry of Higher Education and Research. research

MINES: Digital Mission for Higher Education

OECD: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

OCIM: Office for Museum Cooperation and Information

PAHO: Orchestre des Pays de Savoie

ORA : Ontario Rhône-Alpes Exchange Program

PACTE: Career Access Paths for Territorial Public Service, Hospital Public Service and State Public Service

PAST: Associate Professor or Lecturer

PEC: Portfolio of Experiences and Skills

PEIP : Polytech Engineering School curriculum

PES: Scientific Excellence Award

PLC : Teacher of High Schools and Colleges

PPSI: Information Systems Security Policy

PR: University Professor

PRAG : Associate Professor

PRES: research and Higher Education Cluster

NCE: Expanded Responsibilities and Competencies

ROF: Reference of the Offer of academics

SATT: Society for the Acceleration of Technology Transfer

SCDBU: Common Service for University Documentation and Libraries

CMES: SCiences And Mountain

SCUIO-IP: Common University Service of Information, Orientation and Professional Insertion

SI: Information Technology Department

SIHAM: Human Resources Information System in a Mutualized Approach

SIMSU: Shared IT Service of the University Site

SISEO: Doctoral School of Environmental and Organizational Systems Science and Engineering

SRC: Communication Services and Networks

SSI: Information Systems Security

STS: Section of Higher Technician

SUAPS: University Service of Physical and Sports Activities

SUMPPS: University Service for Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion

SVEC: Student and Campus Life Service

SYMME: Systems and Materials for Mecatronics

ICTE: Information and Communication Technologies for Education

TIP: Theatre of research University of Chambéry

USMB: University of Savoie Mont Blanc

UGAP: Union des Groupements d'Achats Publics (Union of Public Purchasing Groups)

UJF: Université Joseph-Fourier

UMR: Mixed Unit of research

UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNIGE: University of Geneva

UNIT: Digital University of Engineering and Technology

UNR-RA: Digital University in the Rhône-Alpes Region

UNU: United Nations University

UTOP: University of Open Technology Pluridisciplinary

VAE: Validation of Acquired Experience

VAPP: Validation of Professional and Personal Assets

VP: Vice President

VPCA: Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors

VPCD: Vice President Communication and Development

VPFVU: Vice-President academics and University Life

RVP: Vice-President research

VP Student : VP Student

VPEN: Vice-President Digital Education

VP INTER-E: Assessor Vice-President Inter-Institutions

VPN: Virtual Private Network

VPOIP: Vice-president Assessor Orientation and Professional Insertion

VPPAS: Vice-President Personnel and Social Action

VPPDD: Vice-President Heritage and Sustainable Development

EVP: Associate Vice-President Corporate Relations

VPSI: Vice President of Information Systems