With 15 000 students, a rich multidisciplinary training offer and 19 internationally recognized research laboratories, the Savoie Mont Blanc University (Chambéry) is a human-sized establishment that combines proximity with its territories , belonging to the PRES University of Grenoble as a founding member and a wide openness to Europe and the world.

Between Geneva, Turin, Lyon and Grenoble, at the borders of Switzerland and Italy, with the unwavering support of the communities that saw it born, it is a territorial, regional and cross-border actor, a major player in social, economic and Cultural.

It proposes short courses (university diplomas, academic degrees of technology) and long (licences, masters, doctorates and also diplomas of engineers), whether in initial training, in continuous training, alternating or in validation of Experience acquired (VAE), on-site or remotely.

On its three campuses, Annecy, Bourget-du-Lac and Jacob-Bellecombette, Savoie Mont Blanc University offers particularly attractive conditions of study at the heart of an exceptional environment. Everywhere, in this multipolarity structured from the Presidency located in Chambéry, the students find a personalised follow-up, an accompaniment in the definition and evolution of their personal projects and the strengths to succeed their insertion in working life. Each and every one will appreciate, in his quest and according to his paths, competence, requirement, relevance, recognition and resonance.

Savoie Mont Blanc University has been able to forge close and constructive links with local, regional and other socio-economic actors, which today make it an indispensable element of the Rhone dynamic, in particular that of the poles of Competitiveness.

The research is carried out by recognised laboratories, labelled and distinguished, actors of close partnerships with large organisations (CNRS, CEA, INRA), international organisations (CERN) or other structures (INES, Institut de la Montagne) also at the forefront of innovation. Our researchers are strongly involved in a few areas that accompany the territorial Dynamics: mountain, mechatronics, the sectors of organizations, tourism, image and energy. With physics, they contribute to the visibility of the University Savoie Mont Blanc on niches where its notoriety is internationally recognized as evidenced by the results obtained in the framework of investments of the future.

All students, and students of all ages, as well as all our friends from abroad who come to visit the Savoie Mont Blanc University to study, teach or perform a time of their research are welcome.

Cultural entity, formation and creation of value (s) rooted in its history and federating, thanks to the woven cooperation, resources for today and for tomorrow, our University invests in the academic excellence of its trainings multidisciplinary, personalised coaching, quality research, innovation, openness to the world and international exchanges, infrastructures, cultural and associative vitality... for the only cause that is worth, which is the human.

Through the commitment and mobilization of all its personnel, between Savoie and Mont-Blanc, the University nourishes its efforts with one ambition: to strive for personal success and to contribute to the best insertion of its students in the society of knowledge of the 21st century.


President of the University Savoie Mont Blanc.