Environments - Sustainable Development - RESPIRE Program

The University of Savoie Mont Blanc has many assets to innovate, modernize and renovate its heritage on the path of energy and ecological transition: a multidisciplinary university on a human scale, strong anchorage and openness on its territory, political support and support from economic actors in the field of building and the city ( Enterprise Club and USMB Foundation ). The University's ambition is to transform its campuses into real grounds for experimentation and demonstration of the sustainable city of the future. These should no longer be seen solely in terms of workplaces, but also as places for living, leisure and multiple resources.

"Breathing: a project to transform our environments"

The University has therefore launched the RESPIRE[1] programme, which intends, beyond building renovation, to generate research and teaching projects. The challenge is to draw on the skills of the components (psychology, law, economics, sports, biology, engineering, etc.), laboratories and also students and staff.

The RESPIRE program is based on the GECO (working group on eco-campuses) as a source of innovation proposals, they coordinate initiatives and identify the means to implement them.

1] Reinventing our Environment by creating a Synergy between the Real Estate Assets and Existing Resources

Buildings, sustainable energy

Health, well-being, nutrition

Intelligencurban e

Transport, mobility

Preservation of biodiversity


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