Laboratories and expertise

Université Savoie Mont Blanc has 18 research laboratories deploying their expertise in four major disciplinary fields: "Environmental sciences and engineering", "Mathematics and physics", "Intelligent systems and advanced technologies" and "Organizations and territories, representations and cognition".
Seven federations or research institutes organize scientific collaborations, either disciplinary but in partnership with laboratories outside the USMB, or interdisciplinary.
Laboratories and federations benefit from state-of-the-art technology platforms, whose equipment can be made available to academic and socio-economic partners.

The 18 Research units at USMB

Environmental science and engineering

Mathematics and physics

Intelligent systems and advanced technologies

Organizations and territories, representations and cognitions

Federations and institutes


université Savoie Mont Blanc participates in several research federations that bring together researchers from different institutions who share a common interest in a particular research topic. These federations contribute to scientific exchanges and research collaborations.

Technology platforms


The USMB provides its researchers, academic and private laboratories and industrial partners with numerous research facilities, structured around technological technology platforms. Each platform offers equipment, skills, tools and services on a common theme. This makes it possible to pool strengths and resources to drive research forward.