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Work-study programs at the USMB

Nearly 80 work-study programs are offered to nearly 1,500 students atUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc. These programs cover various levels of diplomas (from BAC+3 to BAC+5).

Work-study programs allow students to combine a theoretical learning phase in a structure of academics and a practical learning phase in a company. There are two types of contracts for a academics in alternation:

Which audiences?

Young people between the ages of 16 and 29 years old. Some people can enter apprenticeships after the age of 29, in particular those who have been recognized as disabled workers (RQTH).

Which employers?

Companies in the craft, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors, as well as employers in associations and the liberal professions; Employers in the non-industrial and commercial public sector (State, territorial and hospital civil services, as well as public administrative establishments).

The apprentice :

They train with the aim of obtaining a diploma or approved title and acquire a first significant professional experience. They are subject to the same rules and enjoy the same benefits as all employees. They are paid a percentage of the minimum wage (SMIC) or the minimum collective agreement (some industry agreements provide for a higher salary).

The employer :

He is required to ensure the apprentice's professional academics . The company assigns the apprentice to activities, defined by the school's educational director and the apprentice's supervisor, that are consistent with the intended occupation and the diploma being prepared. The salary paid to the apprentice is totally or partially exempt from employer's contributions.

Which audiences?

Young people aged 16 to 25
Job seekers aged 26 and over
Certain specific groups can benefit from the professionalization contract

Which employers?

Any employer subject to the financing of academics . The State, local authorities and their public administrative establishments may not conclude professionalization contracts.

The alternator :

Work-study students are subject to the same rules and enjoy the same benefits as all employees. They are paid a percentage of the minimum wage or the minimum contractual wage (some industry agreements provide for higher pay). The cost of academics is covered by the company.

The employer :

He or she is required to ensure that the student's professional academics . A tutor is appointed to welcome and guide the student in the company. He or she will assign the student to activities that are consistent with the intended occupation and the diploma being prepared.

Our work-study programs 2023-2024

catalog of work-study programs at the USMBA wide variety of fields

Business, Purchasing, Marketing, Digital marketing,
Communication, International, Tourism

Administration, Accounting, Payroll, Management, Law,
Human Resources

Digital creation, Multimedia, Design,
Culture, Events

Surveys, Studies, Social Sciences

Insurance, Banking, Finance, Real Estate

Civil Engineering, Building, Public Works, Construction

Physics, Electronics, Computer Science, Robotics,
Database, Networks, Automation, Telecommunications


Download the 2023-2024 USMB work-study catalog in pdf

The advantages of work-study programs

For the alternating student:

  • Combining theory and practice in the workplace
  • Obtain a diploma recognized by companies
  • Acquire skills before joining a company
  • Quickly find a job
  • Be paid during his academics
  • Be more competitive in the job market

For the employer:

  • To have quality candidates, carefully selected by theUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc
  • To ensure the assistance of a motivated and involved collaborator over a long period of time, by benefiting from aid to cover his or her remuneration
  • Benefit from the knowledge and skills of the student to reflect on and take a step back from his/her practices
  • Benefit from studies and projects supervised byUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc with the provision of tools and methods
  • Meet the need for skills renewal
  • To be able to recruit more efficiently a possible future collaborator, already involved in the life of the company and trained in its techniques
  • Use the mutualized funds of the Skills Operator (OPCO) to which it belongs to cover all or part of the costs of academics


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