Common services

The mission of the University Libraries (BU) is to facilitate access to information for the entire USMB community (students, teachers, teacher-researchers and all staff).

  • Present on each campus (Annecy, Le Bourget-du-Lac, Jacob-Bellecombette), they are open to all. Registration is free for university staff. It allows access to services and to borrow.
  • The BUs offer scientific and technical documentation, but also leisure collections (novels, comic books, newspapers and magazines), language methods, art books, competition preparation books, etc.
  • Digital resources (databases, electronic journals, etc.) are accessible online by any member of the university.

Director: Mehdi MOKRANE
Administrative Manager: Dominique CORBET

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The sports service allows students and staff to benefit from some forty activities which are offered to them each year, either in courses, or as part of outings or training courses. Students are given priority and any places left available are offered to staff.
Some courses are reserved for staff.

Director: Olivier FRESCHI
Administrative Secretary:

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The Student Preventive Medicine Service is a joint service of the university which works for the health of students in collaboration with the teaching teams, for example in the case of the adaptation of the curriculum for students with disabilities (ESH). It is also a service that listens to teachers when they are confronted with student situations that worry them.

Director: Laurence SERRAT-PERDOUX
Administrative Assistant: Claudie SAFON-BOLOS

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The academics Continuous Training Service (SFC) atUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc develops solutions for employees, job seekers and, more broadly, for all adults who wish to improve their skills, update their knowledge, adapt to new professional practices, achieve a specialisation or retrain. The academics continues to support them in this perspective of developing their knowledge and know-how by offering :

  • short courses
  • integrated diploma courses, in specific groups or work-study programmes
  • certificate courses
  • tailored courses
  • DAEU (Diploma of Access to University Studies)
  • Valuation of new skills through the Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) and the Validation of Professional and Personal Acquired Experience (VAPP).

Director: Stéphanie GEROSA

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