Free auditors



The status of free auditor is possible for anyone who wishes to take courses at the university. No diploma requirements are required to benefit from this status. The free auditor is allowed to follow lessons from different components, without any obligation of attendance.

They may have access to the university library (consultation and borrowing of books) subject to payment of an additional fee set annually by the university's Board of Governors.

The status of free auditor does not confer student status. It only gives access to lectures except those related to the preparation of a competition. The courses in which the free auditor is enrolled do not provide access to tutorials, practical work and exams.

As they do not have student status, they cannot participate in the activities offered by the University Service for Physical and Sports Activities (SUAPS) or in the activities offered by the University's Cultural Service.


Registration as a free auditor is not required. It must be motivated and solicited every year. The free auditor receives a specific free auditor card upon registration as proof of registration. This card is personal and non-transferable.

The status of free auditor does not confer the status of student and therefore does not give any advantage attached to student status (social security, student mutual insurance, catering and university accommodation, etc.).

The registration fee is 230 €.

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