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Auditor status is available to anyone wishing to take courses at the university. There is no diploma requirement for this status. Auditors are authorized to take courses from different departments, with no attendance obligation.

Access to the university library (consultation and borrowing of books) is subject to payment of an additional fee set annually by the university's Board of Directors.

Auditor status does not confer student status. It only gives access to lectures, except those relating to the preparation of a competitive examination. The courses in which the auditor is enrolled do not give access to tutorials, practical work or examinations.

As they do not have student status, they cannot take part in the activities offered by the sports department (SDS) or the university's cultural services.


Registration as an auditor is not automatic. It must be justified and requested each year from the teachers responsible for the courses you wish to follow and from the President of the University. Upon registration, the auditor receives a specific auditor registration document, which serves as a certificate of registration.

Auditor status does not confer student status, and therefore does not confer any of the benefits associated with student status (student life, university catering and accommodation, etc.).

The registration fee is €230.

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