An innovative collaborative decision-making platform to adapt the academics higher education offering in the Franco-Swiss region to the needs of the local ecosystem.

This innovative tool has been developed primarily for university managers, but also for future applicants for these courses, socio-economic players in the Franco-Genevan region, and a cross-border network of partners. Its aim is to ensure that the range of higher education courses on offer meets the needs of the local socio-economic fabric.

Designed to improve the collection and exchange of information on the academics offer and the skills needs of companies in the cross-border region, this collaborative social network (users are also contributors) aims to

  • Propose a collaborative decision-making tool to encourage co-construction of the academics offer, with the participation of economic players, so that this offer best meets their skills needs,
  • Produce a dynamic map of the academics offer on the cross-border territory, initially targeting Engineering Sciences, enriched by indicators of the demand for skills in the local ecosystem.
  • Produce indicators to provide a real-time overview of training and recruitment opportunities in the field of engineering sciences in the Franco-Geneva region.

Once in place, this tool can be extended to other fields/universities.

Project supported by

Project supported by

The CaDyCo project is supported by the European cross-border cooperation program Inter-reg France-Switzerland 2014-2020, and as such has received financial support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of €441,444 out of a total budget of €918,233.