Support system for high-level artists

The Savoie Mont-Blanc University has set up a specific system for welcoming high-level athletes and artists. This system, defined by the charter for the reception of NHSs at the USMBallows to offer an individualized accompaniment for Sports or High Level Artists students enrolled in a course for which there is no specific arranged section.

There are 2 lists at the University of Savoie Mont Blanc, each referring to specific facilities:

  • The main list

This list includes SHN students registered on the ministerial list (SHN, espoirs, members of a cluster...).

  • The complementary list

This list includes AHN students registered in a conservatory, or SHN not registered on the ministerial list but corresponding to the admission criteria on the USMB complementary list.

AHN or SHN student status at USMB can only be granted upon request and on the student's initiative. This application for status  must be made and returned at the time of registration in early September, and no application can be considered after September 30 of the current year.

An information and status validation meeting is organized in early September for all students who have applied.