Access – Annecy campus

As part of the travel plan of the Savoie Mont Blanc University, we invite you to use an environmentally friendly transport mode: walking, biking, bus or train. If you are obliged to come by car, consider carpooling.

By bike

From the Centre or the station of Annecy, take the rue Sommeiller (reserved bus + bicycles), then the Avenue du Parmelan (bicycle lanes). The continuation of the itinerary is advisable, but not equipped: Avenue de Thones, Avenue des squares, rue du Capitaine baud and Rue de la Pesse (easy ascent).

Parking hoops on campus.

Bicycle rental possible at Velonecy.

By bus

From the Centre or the station of Annecy, SIBRA network, line 4 (one bus every 5 to 15 minutes all day), several stops on campus (markers a to D on the campus map) or line 2 (one bus every 10 to 30 minutes all day), stop "Restau U" or "campus" (markers C and D on the campus map).

By train

Annecy station. Direct trains from Paris (7 TGV per day), Lyon (1 train every 1 or 2 hours), Grenoble (1 train per hour), Chambéry (1 to 3 trains per hour), Valencia (1 train per hour) and Geneva. Then bus or bike (see above).

All aboard

Think about the Carpool.

Access plan