1st year licence


ATTENTION Applications must be made within the framework of the calendars and schemes that will be presented on this website. Applications made outside this framework are not admissible.

The 3 steps of the admission procedure

Step 1: Parcoursup application (below)

Step 2: Administrative registration with the central school system

Step 3: Register with your assigned school (École, Instituts, Ufr)


Case 1 - You hold or are preparing for the French baccalaureate

Students of foreign nationality who hold or will hold a French baccalaureate are subject to the following procedure Parcoursup.

Case 2 - You are currently enrolled in a French institution of higher education

Students wishing to reorient themselves towards another first-year degree or to change institution are subject to the following procedure Parcoursup.

Case 3 - You hold or are preparing a foreign diploma giving access to higher education in your country

The procedure of request for prior admission (DAP) is compulsory for foreign students who are not nationals of the EU, the EEA, the Swiss Confederation, Monaco or Andorra, and who hold a foreign diploma at the end of their secondary education and who are applying for a first registration in the first year of a Bachelor's degree (L1), whether they live in France or abroad.