Student Life and Campus Contribution: Actions

Since the start of the 2018-2019 academic year, all students enrolling in academics initial in a higher education institution must pay the Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus (CVEC). With an annual amount of 92 €, one can be subject to it or be exempted from it depending on the case.

The CVEC is "intended to promote the reception and social, health, cultural and sports support of students and to reinforce the preventive and health education actions carried out for them" (article L. 841-5 of the Education Code).


Device for putting in work of the CVEC 

The USMB has established a specific system dedicated to the management of the CVEC, which is based on the collaborative development of projects for students.

1. Any ideas? All stakeholders (students, university services, associations, partners) can propose action sheets detailing their projects.

2. A student and campus life coordination committee (Co co) stimulates ideas, examines proposals for action and gives an opinion on the orientations and collaborations envisaged at the territorial level. The reflection is organised along 4 axes called "collaborative projects". It meets twice a year.

3. The opinions of the Student Life and Campus Life Coordinating Committee on the projects are then analysed within the CAC's CFVU Campus Life Commission before being proposed to the latter for adoption. These commissions may also be sources of ideas or be critical. Ultimately, the Board of Directors validates these areas of VEC development and allocates the necessary resources to each collaborative project.

4. Finally, an operational committee, made up of the VP Student, the VP academics and University Life, the VP CA Finance, the head of the Financial Affairs Department and the head of the Student Life Department, ensures that the actions are consistent with the objectives of the collaborative project and allocates the resources allocated to the actions.

Collaborative projects

Four collaborative projects are now helping to set the pace in the development of student and campus life:

  • Reception and integration of students
  • Eco-responsible places to live
  • Health well-being
  • Facilitating student and campus life and ensuring its visibility

Each of the collaborative projects is led by a working group led by the Student and Campus Life Service (SVEC). Students are warmly invited to join these working groups and share their ideas.

For more information, click here and contact the SVEC.


3 actions to encourage the reception and integration of new students during the year universitaire :  

  • Succeeded in its arrival at Université : organise welcome and integration events to visit the campuses and discover all the University's players and services, including the organisation of Campus Days on every campus for the start of the 2020 school year.  
  • Solidarity integration and sportive : pTo propose activities to discover the student's immediate environment (the city, the mountains) in order to prevent situations of isolation and to promote social bonding. through physical activity.  
  • Accessibility numérique : gEnsuring equal access to digital technology for students in accordance with the 2 axes:  
    • bet in place on each campus, run by digital relay students, to accompany students in the control over different digital tools academics 
    • bet setting up a laptop loan bank for identified students within the institution in very difficult social situations. 

 Project form

3 actions around the setting up of living spaces corresponding to the students' expectations in terms of meetings, animation, catering, co-working, etc :

  • Create and animate living spaces on the Bourget-du-Lac and Jacob-Bellecombette  campuses: improve and adapt student living spaces, configure them as inter-component Student Houses with a range of services and activities adapted to the expectations and needs of students in order to encourage their appropriation.
  • Create student life spaces on the Annecy campus and the animer : if there is no permanent space, organise activities and set up temporary student life spaces.
  • Organise actions écoresponsables : support the implementation of actions (improvement, transformation or creation of places) in an eco-responsible way.

Project form

Promote the general well-being of students, their success and their integration through various actions  

  • Development of access toniversity facilities (UIS) : éto expand the offer of access to the UIS and set up sports events, purchase of equipment.  
  • Promotion des peer-to-peer exchanges in the actions of prévention : train health relay students who will meet their peers to facilitate exchanges and participate in prevention actions, particularly in relation to the IFSI. 
  • Preparation for examens : mand the establishment of « weeks évasion " to prepare for exams with activities to relax and unwind.  
  • Permanent offer relaxation and well-being : helping students throughout the year in their research well-being practices regular for a better self-knowledge (yoga, mindfulness meditation). 

Project form

Improve and coordinate information for students and organize events to animate the life of campus :

  • Creation of a communication tool offering a unique and easy access to all the information for students (pedagogical organisation, procedures, accessible services, etc.).
  • Implementation ofan internal programming system événementielle : organise the inventory of campus activities and events in order to plan and display student and campus events in a concerted and shared manner.
  • Organisation of cultural, artistic, sporting, health, environmental and otherevents on the 3 campuses, according to an editorial line shared within the establishment. research etc.
  • Setting upa budget participatif : to enable students to be a driving force in the transformation of their campus and to finance projects aimed at improving student life (development of outdoor and indoor spaces, solidarity, sports, cultural and environmental projects, etc.).

Project form