Master MEEF



From the first year onwards, the MEEF master's degree is very much oriented towards the practice of the teaching profession. It includes four to six weeks of observation and accompanied practice. The recruitment exams are organised at the end of thefirst year.

In the second year, after validation of the first year (M1) MEEF and obtaining the competition, the laureates become trainee civil servants and have :

  • an internship in responsibility equivalent to a half-time internship in front of students in school, college or high school,
  • courses at ESPE and/or university.

Validation of the Master's degree at the end of thesecond year of the Master's programme (M2) is one of the conditions for tenure, as is a favourable opinion from the academic jury assessing the internship in responsibility.

TheUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc, in partnership with the ESPE (Ecole supérieure du professorat et de l'éducation) of the Grenoble academy and the University of Grenoble Alpes, prepares the following three degrees:

1st degree to become a school teacher
2nd degree to teach in secondary schools with 9 specific courses:

  • English
  • Modern Letters
  • History-geography
  • Physical and chemical sciences
  • Physical and Sports Education
  • Mathematics

Practice and engineering of academics



Consult the application and registration procedures (timetable and procedures)


ATTENTION: Applications are reserved for first-time M1 MEEF students - Students currently enrolled in M1 MEEF who do not validate their year should not create a file on the platform. They will receive the necessary information after the results of session 2


academics initial : Access the eCandidate application

academics Access the eCandidat application and contact the academics service.

Further information for applicants under academics continues:

Nomination under academics continues is open to persons who are in one or more of the following situations:

  • Persons in active employment, employed in the public or private sector, self-employed persons
  • Jobseekers registered with the Pôle Emploi, with a project validated by their advisor.
  • People whose academics is taken care of by a third party (OPCA, FONGECIF, CPF, academics plan, period of professionalisation...)
  • Those who receive an income linked to academics (salary/indemnity/allowance...), and who need to justify their presence on academics to a third party.
  • People who enter university through the VAPP (Validation of Personal and Professional Acquired Knowledge) - [concerns people who do not have the required diploma or title].


For any question: contact the central schooling by specifying in the subject "MEEF".


Visit the ESPE website of the Grenoble academy.