Practical information: Preparing your arrival

Do you have questions about coming to France, about integrating intoUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc, about the steps to take?

Here is some practical information to try to answer them.

Your contacts

Thanks to its Welcome Center, theuniversité Savoie Mont Blanc (USMB) accompanies its international students on their arrival and throughout their stay.

Location: Jacob-Bellecombette campus, building 14.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to noon and from 2pm to 5pm

Séverine Quilliet

Coordinator of the reception and incoming mobility unit, including exchanges

Telephone: 04 79 75 85 70


Amandine Bouchet

In charge of welcoming international visitors, especially freemovers and PhD students

Telephone: 04 79 75 91 15

capturejJulie Alvarez

In charge of welcoming and integrating international visitors

Telephone: 04 79 75 84 16


Survival kit

Université Savoie Mont Blanc : discovery

Learn French

You wish to learn French or improve your knowledge of French.

Join ACCENTS, a language and certification center.

The ACCENTS centre offers French courses (free for exchange students and PhD students).accents banner with logo

Université Savoie Mont Blanc Integrating

Each year, the International Relations Department organizes integration events for incoming students.


Find the program of events for the year 2022-2023!

Program of integration events for 2023-2024


Integration seminar - Courchevel from 08/27 to 09/2/2023

Welcome toUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc !

This year's seminar took place in Courchevel, and between rafting, accrobranche, hiking and spa, the international students were able to discover the region, challenge themselves and get to know each other! visual website(3)



Goodbye dinner 04/27/2023

A farewell dinner at La Frite Dorée restaurant. Welcome back international students!




Discover Walibi Park - 22/04/2023

The last outing of the academic year. The students enjoyed the attractions at Parc Walibi!




Hike and cruise in Bourdeau - 18/03/2023

A beautiful discovery of the cultural and natural heritage of Savoy with a cruise on the lake of Bourget followed by a visit of the abbey of Hautecombe and a hike to Bourdeau.

visual website


Round the World at the Carousel - 3, 4/03/2023

This year the country of honor was the Netherlands.

For one weekend, Chambéry adopted the colors of the whole world. More than 80 students took part in this event rich in sharing and a sign of interculturality.

The international students presented their traditions through tastings, animations, dances and much more!

visual website (4)


Chamonix and the Aiguille du Midi - 11/02/2023

The international students discovered Chamonix and the Aiguille du Midi, which stretches skyward at 3,842 meters.

On the program, extraordinary views of the French and Italian Alps and snowy landscapes under the sun!

visual website (3)


Integration weekend - 21, 22/02/2023

The integration weekend took place in Courchevel. The students discovered alpine skiing and snowshoeing.

An ideal stay to explore the region, meet new people and start the semester off right!

visual website


Goodbye dinner - 16/12/2022

A dinner to say goodbye to first semester international students!

All-you-can-eat raclette and fondue at Le Savoyard restaurant. The students exchanged gifts during a Secret Santa.



Shared Christmas 2022

Share a convivial moment with a French family to discover their traditions during the Christmas meal!



Visit of the castle of Avully and Yvoire - 26/11/2022 

A guided tour in French and English of the castle of Avully in Brenthonne and the discovery of the village of Yvoire with its beautiful view of Lake Geneva!



Welcome Party - 14/10/2022

An evening dedicated to newcomers!

Savoyard cocktail party, dances from Burkina Faso, dance party and fun games: THE evening not to be missed to celebrate the arrival of international students at the USMB.

visual website(2)


Integration seminar for international exchange students - 24/08 to 31/08/2022

The integration seminar took place in La Féclaz. Between French classes, unusual activities (Via Ferrata, paragliding...), visits and hikes, the students discovered the region and shared unforgettable moments!

visual website


The events of the year 2021-2022!

Young Ambassadors Gala Evening - 07/04/2022

On Thursday, April 7, 2022, the Young Ambassadors (JA) Gala evening was held at the Manège in Chambéry, during which the awards of the Trophies Competition were presented.

For the occasion, Young Ambassadors, sponsors and partners came from all the branches of the association in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes (Chambéry, Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Grenoble and Valence), to attend the award ceremony and celebrate this great adventure together.

We would like to congratulate all the young ambassadors for their beautiful projects and especially the winners of the contest:

  • Category Citizen Project : Paula ROSCHEL and Matheus Vinicius PIACENTINI, Brazilian students, for their project of cultural development of underprivileged Brazilian youth through art.
  • Category Promising Project: Anja DINIC, Serbian student for her project Case Study Community.
  • Category Attractiveness Project: Ismène KPEDJO, a student from Benin for her project Sharing red gold between the AURA region and the Atlantic Ocean in Benin.

Special congratulations to our Burkinabe student from Polytech Chambéry, Ragnagnéwedé David KOLOGO, who won the innovation project trophy with his Solar Electrifying Vehicle (SEV) project.

Cruise on the Lac du Bourget - 02/04/2022
Craft, culture and heritage outing

Last Saturday, April 2, 2022, about sixty students accompanied by the USMB's international relations department took a cruise to visit Chanaz and Hautecombe Abbey.

After boarding at the large port of Aix-les-Bains, the students had the opportunity to sail on the largest natural lake of glacial origin entirely located in France, the Lac du Bourget. The weather conditions were not optimal, but that's why the snow-covered mountains enhanced the landscape.

The cruise continued on the Savières canal to Chanaz. In the village of Chanaz, the students discovered the process of making walnut oil as in the 19th century in the small mill. They then used their free time to walk around, meet the village shopkeepers, visit the barge housing a beehive, etc.

After lunch, the boat sailed back to Hautecombe Abbey where the students visited the abbey church.

This excursion, which delighted the international students, allowed them to discover a facet of French culture, crafts and heritage.

Round the World at the Roundabout 2022: successful return to the classroom

International students on the Aiguille du Midi - 19/02/2022

On Saturday 19 February 2022, the USMB's international relations department organised a day at the Aiguille du Midi (Chamonix Mont-Blanc) for the university's international students.

The 60 students accompanied by the Pôle Accueil team (Nina Soufi, Séverine Quilliet and Amandine Bouchet) went up to the Aiguille du Midi by cable car to admire the beauty of the snow-covered Alpine landscapes, including Mont Blanc, at an altitude of 3,842 metres and a temperature of -14°C (-20°C felt). The students were free to come back down whenever they wished to visit the town of Chamonix.

Chamonix and Mont Blanc are iconic places around the world. Through the Welcome Centre, students have the opportunity to see these places easily and cheaply.

Second semester: international students welcomed to La Féclaz

Shared Christmas: international students share the festive season with Chamber families

Welcome Party: The USMB and the city of Chambéry organised a welcome party for international students

The USMB welcomes its new international students


Telephone: 04 79 75 84 16

Join the Facebook group "International Students - Université Savoie Mont Blanc" to be informed of activities offered in the area.


Join the Alter-Culturality program to be sponsored by a French-speaking student atUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc.


This is a welcome program for international students set up by the International Relations Department and run by students from the University with the aim of facilitating the process and integration atUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc. Especially in this difficult period, this program is there to help you. Your "USMB Angel" will be able to give you good addresses, tips and good plans when you arrive.

How does it work?

A student fromUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc called "USMB Angel" will be able to sponsor two or three international "Protégé" students who arrive atUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc.

TheUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc encourages and supports student associations. You will certainly find what you are looking for among the associations, sports, cultural, artistic, etc. Do not hesitate to participate to meet French students!

Directory of associations

Play sports! Throughout the year, the Sports Department offers more than 60 sports activities: skiing, swimming, dancing, athletics, water sports, excursions, climbing...

Sports Service

Scholarships and financial aid

Erasmus+ ICM (International Credit Mobility) Grants

International credit mobility is part of the Erasmus+ programme.
It allows incoming students (from institutions with which the USMB has an agreement in the framework of the E+MIC programme) to benefit from a mobility grant.

Campus France scholarships

Eiffel Excellence Scholarships (for Master and PhD students)

USMB Eiffel Scholarships calendar / 2023 session

  • Launch of the call for applications: mid-October 2022
  • Deadline for receipt of applications: November 21, 2022
  • Campus France results announcement: week of April 3, 2023


Explanatory documents :


Once the student's application has been validated by the head of academics or by the laboratory and the thesis director, the online file is created by the DRI and then shared with the candidate and the head of academics who complete it on the dedicated platform.

Financial aid for students is managed by the CROUS:

Scholarships on social criteria
Once you have completed your registration, you can access social grants. Go to the dedicated platform for personalised assistance or directly by telephone . Knowing that the scholarships depend on your social profile, you will be told which type of scholarship you can apply for and how to access the Crous residence. Please note that these grants are of various kinds, for housing, transport or assistance with everyday life such as taking your driving test with ornikar for free learning of the code. Please note that the DSE must be submitted at the beginning of the year to ensure that your file is complete.
Find out more about scholarshipsbased on social criteria.

National Emergency Fund

Contact the social workers at the university

Partial exemption from the differentiated tuition fees applicable to certain students on international mobility for the academic year 2021-2022

(Deliberation of the Board of Directors of theUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc N°2020.12.08-5.2.4 of December 8, 2020)

The Board of Directors ofUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc has approved a partial exemption from the differentiated registration fees for international students, reducing the amount of their registration fees to the same amount as that paid by French students for the duration of the preparation of the diploma, subject to compliance with the conditions of attendance at classes and examinations as well as the completion of the compulsory internships provided for in the curriculum.

The application for registration at the USMB of the students concerned is equivalent to a request for partial exemption from registration fees.

The partial exemption applies subject to France's European and international commitments and in compliance with any agreements entered into by the establishment.

Consular procedures

  • Students from the European Union (EU):
    An identity card is sufficient.
  • Non-EU students: All foreign nationals must have a passport issued in their own country to enter France.

Make sure that your passport and/or identity card are valid for the duration of your stay !!!

Before you leave

The French embassy or consulate in your country of origin will issue you a visa. Please note that no regularization can be done in France.

Obtaining a visa is a compulsory formality for all foreigners, except for nationals of countries :

Several types of visa can be issued for studies, academics or internships in France.

When you arrive in France, remember to have your study visa validated

Students from outside the European Economic Area must be in possession of a "long stay" visa valid for residence. Within 3 months of your arrival in France:
You must have it validated online.

Warning: It will be impossible to regularize your situation once in France if you have a short stay visa (tourism). Find out more BEFORE you leave!

When you arrive in France, the procedure for obtaining a residence permit is carried out at the prefecture.

Prefecture of Savoie

Prefecture of Haute-Savoie

Campus France tutorial / video: Applying for and renewing residence permits (FR version),(EN version),(ES version)


The Pôle mobilité entrante can help you in your search for accommodation in a university residence (only for students under exchange agreement).
Due to the number of applications we receive each year and the small number of rooms available in university residences, it is unfortunately not possible to satisfy all applications.

Applications are processed on a first come first served basis.
In order to optimise your chances of finding accommodation, please respect the application deadlines when making your pre-registration atUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc.

If your application is successful, we will put you in touch with the university residence. In this case, you will have to pay the deposit to confirm your accommodation, otherwise the room will be allocated to another student.

For your information: At the end of June 2022, all students who asked for help with their housing search were offered accommodation for the start of the 2022/2023 academic year.

Other accommodation options:

The host family programme (brochure for USMB host families) :

If you have no family/friends in France and a financial guarantee is required for your accommodation, the French state has set up an alternative solution: VISALE

New in Visale: To help you set up your Visale file, you can now contact the services directly on 0970 800 800 (price of a local call). For foreign students, an English-speaking service has been set up to help you with your Visale application. In addition, see selectra to find all the steps to take when changing your address in France.

Campus France tutorial / video: VISALE(FR version), (EN version), (ES version)

Rental insurance is compulsory, regardless of the type of accommodation you occupy in France.
You can contact a student mutual insurance company: LMDE or SMERRA, an insurance company or your bank in France.

The Aide Personnalisée au Logement ( APL) is a financial aid allocated, under certain conditions, to tenants of housing in France.

  • Students from the European Economic Area can apply for personalized housing assistance upon arrival.
  • Students from outside the European Economic Area must obtain a residence permit in order to apply for housing assistance.
    Please note: If your visa states: "Exemption from residence permit", you will not be able to benefit from this aid.

How to obtain this aid :
Log on to the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales (CAF) website to apply for APL

You can also contact the nearest branch for more information:

  • Caisse d'Allocations Familiales in Chambéry - 20 avenue Jean Jaurès - 73000 Chambéry
  • Caisse d'Allocations Familiales in Annecy - 2 rue Emile Romanet - 74987 Annecy Cedex 9


The administrative procedures are not the same depending on your country of origin.

  • Students from European Economic Area (EEA) countries and Switzerland

To come to France, you must have:
the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

This card is free of charge and must be applied for in your home country. It must cover the entire duration of your stay.

  • Students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA)
    It is COMPULSORY to subscribe to the French social security system: Online registration.
  • Quebec students who submit the SE 401-Q-106 form will have their health expenses covered on site.
    They must also register online.

Campus France tutorial / video: Social Security affiliation(FR version), (EN version), (ES version)

Common provision for all students, regardless of their country of origin.
This is an optional health insurance scheme if you wish to supplement the reimbursements provided by social security.
You can join the complementary health insurance of your choice (a student mutual insurance company, your parents' mutual insurance company, another complementary organisation, etc.). The level and nature of benefits provided by complementary health insurance vary according to the contract.

For more information

Student jobs

Student jobs

Find a job in Annecy

Find a job in Chambéry

The Facebook page Etudébrouille (USMB association) regularly publishes job ads around Chambéry!

A new platform, My Job in SavoieMy Job in Savoie is a new platform, which also centralises numerous job offers for young people in the Savoie department.


"I want to help". Become a volunteer in an association: public platform for volunteering through the Civic Reserve

Arrival and discovery

Arrival by plane

The nearest airports are Geneva and Lyon.
There are shuttle buses between these airports and the towns of Annecy and Chambéry:

  • Geneva Airport
    Geneva airport is linked to the "Genève-Cornavin" railway station and the bus station by a regular train and coach service. There are several connections per day with Annecy and Chambéry.
  • Lyon Airport
    Few trains stop at the airport station; however, the Tram-Express connects the airport directly to Lyon Part-Dieu station from where you can catch a bus or train (frequent departures) to Annecy and Chambéry.

Arrival by train - from Paris

The cities of Annecy and Chambéry are very well connected to Paris by TGV.
You can :

  • or take a train from Roissy / Charles de Gaulle airport (change at Lyon Part-Dieu station)
  • or go to the Gare de Lyon (located in downtown Paris) to take a direct train to Annecy or Chambéry.

Consult timetables and fares - Book a train

To find your way around the different sites of the University of Savoie :
Download the map of each campus


To get around by bus in Chambéry / Le Bourget-du-Lac and Annecy :

Synchro-bus (Chambéry/ Le Bourget-du-Lac)

Sibra (Annecy)

Welcome to Chambéry and Annecy

Campus France brochure in French, English, Spanish



The historic capital of Savoie, the city of Chambéry has 56,000 inhabitants. At the gateway to the Alps, it benefits from an excellent geographical location, between lakes and mountains.
Thanks to its numerous infrastructures (theatre, cinemas, concert hall, media library, Eurâka gallery, Dukes of Savoy castle, etc), it has a rich cultural and artistic heritage.

Chambéry Town Hall
Chambéry Tourist Officeism of Chambéry



Located in the Northern Pre-Alps, the city of Annecy has a population of 50,000. Nicknamed the " Venice of the Alps " because of the small bridges spanning the three rivers that run through its old town, this tourist and industrial centre is distinguished by its large lake. Its castle, its Palais de l'Ile and its Conservatory of Art and History are all sights to be discovered.

Annecy town hall
Annecy and its lake tourist office

What to discover in the area?

Aix-les-Bains / Lac du Bourget

The cities of Grenoble, Lyon, Geneva and Turin

Chartreuse Nature Park
Bauges Massif Nature Park
Vanoise Park


Anke, Thomas More Mechelen-Antwerpen, Antwerp, Belgium

"I am very happy that I chose to study in Chambéry for a semester.
This adventure has given me the opportunity to progress in French and English. I had a lot of experiences, I learned to go beyond my limits, I made international acquaintances.....
The teachers and classmates were very kind and helpful.
I also liked the location of the university, because there is an incredible view of the city of Chambéry, which is located between the mountains. The university is only about 20 minutes walk from the tourist centre.
There is a lot to do in and around Chambéry, whatever the weather or time of day!
I was also lucky enough to have this experience in Savoie, a very impressive region!
I am very grateful for this incredible and unforgettable experience. CHAMBÉRY, JE T'AIME!"


Marc, Ecole de Technologie Supérieure (ETS), Montreal, Quebec, Canada

As soon as I arrived at Polytech Annecy-Chambéry, I was very well received and I do not regret my choice of university. It is located on two sites, one of which is close to Annecy with its wonderful lake and a train station, making it easy to travel on weekends or holidays. At Polytech, there are university residences close to the course building. The students at this university are very friendly. If you have the chance to study abroad, do not hesitate!


Fabian, Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal (FH), Magdeburg, Germany

The best thing about Chambéry is of course the landscape. It is beautiful to see and even better to do activities in. There are beautiful paths, and paths for hikers. There are even places for 

parachuting. The university is located on the side of a mountain and is surrounded by nature. In this environment, it is a pleasure to study and also to enjoy it during the breaks. You should not forget to have fun during the semester, even if you like forests and mountains like me. It is also possible to enjoy the nightlife for those who prefer it.

There is a wide variety of courses at the university. The LEA courses I took were mostly interesting and the teachers were nice. The administration is very helpful in case of problems to solve any difficulties (because if you are a foreigner the paperwork can be annoying).